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Posted June 28th, 2019
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Before he would board the boat to Oak Island from Vermilion City, Eric had one very important thing to do in Lavender Town. Today was the one-year anniversary of his girlfriend Peggy's death at the hands of Team Rocket. and so he felt obligated to pay his respects.

Eric noticed a chill going down his spine as he decorated the final resting place of his one true love.

"Hey, babe, it's me." Eric said, with a single tear climbing from his eye. "I start at the Trainer's Academy soon. Hopefully I'll be able to avenge you, my love. I'll bring Team Rocket to justice, so nobody has to suffer the way you did.

Eric heard the kindly, yet sassy voice of his beloved from beyond the grave congratulate him. It was soft, but obviously her.

"I must get going. The next boat leaves in two hours. I'll study hard to become the best, just for you." Eric continued, then proceeding to kiss the headstone, before heading off to Vermilion Port.

It took about an hour and a half for Eric to make it to port. His backpack weighed him down more than expected.

Eric clutched the locket in his pocket, and thought aloud.

"One day, I'll find away to set things right."

Soon he made it to the port, grabbed the ticket for the boat to Oak Island, and quickly gave it to the guy at the checkpoint.

Eric found his room, number 42, and dozed off, not even bothering to change clothes or even get under the covers.

Eric woke up minutes before the PA announced their arrival to Oak Island Academy.

He was the first to make it off the boat, and looked for the Entei dorm. He found it after wandering aimlessly for half an hour.

He got in, found room 91, which was his bedroom apparently, and slowly set up to make it truly his.

"Thank Arceus I made it here finally." Eric said. "Now to study."

Eric studied from a book of battle strategies. He preferred all-out offense and type coverage to defeat any foe. Litleo and Shuppet both came out of their Pokeballs to play without Eric having any say in the matter.

Luckily Eric had finished taking as many notes as possible before Litleo starting pawing at his leg.

Eric realized that someone left a message on his Holo Caster. Lenora, the former Nacrene City Gym Leader (and aunt of the late Peggy), left a message saying she wanted to check in on Eric,

Eric sent a quick thank-you reply, and let Litleo pounce on him like he was an opponent or prey.

Litleo nibbled on Eric, who pretended to be in pain to encourage his partner. Shuppet was floating around in circles to intentionally make herself dizzy.

After about ten minutes, they wanted to go back in their Pokeballs and rest again, and Eric obliged.
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