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- Aoife Breen -

“Mona, is the poster crooked?” Aoife was holding a large sheet of paper against the wall, just slightly above her head.

The bipedal feline glanced in her trainer’s directed and eyed the colourful poster. After a few moments, Mona nodded.

“Thought so, thanks Mona” The redheaded girl was about to readjust the sheet, but before she could, a lavender aura surrounded it and tilted slightly to the left. Instead of freaking out, Aoife smiled, knowing whose work that was. “And another thanks,” she said, wearing a light smile.

In response, Mona snapped her eyes shut and opened them seconds later. The Sailor Lunala poster, which featured a teenage girl wearing a glammed-up sailor uniform, then lost its glowing edges. There, right across from Aoife’s bed, hung Sailor Luna and her Purrloin advisor, posed in battle mode, ready to fight crime. A few other accessories from the franchise could be seen in the room, most notable of which being a plash of said Purrloin advisor resting atop her headboard.

It was fairly early in the day, but Aoife had already finished her morning activities, which included brushing her teeth and getting dressed. Today, she was wearing an olive coloured baseball-tee, dark denim jeans, and a new pair of grey slip-on work boots. Her hair was slightly frizzled, as it was when it got humid outside.

“Let’s go grab some food,” the redhead suggested, feeling her stomach growl slightly. After earning a nod from her partner, the duo headed out. Luckily, Aoife brought a map, as one day hadn’t been enough to get a good lay of the land…

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