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Ivrant Lehort: In the Library

Well nuts... the Librarian was busy looking for a "magic book". She would probably come back and play the "We don't have it" card without trying very hard to find it... but then again this was a world that has cats with psychic powers. Anything is possible. Still Ivrant was stuck waiting behind the strange half Cosplaying girl until the Librarian came back. She didn't seem entirely refined, whoever she was dressing up as... Well may as well strike a conversation. The costume was pretty darn cool he had to admit. He could at the very least praise it! Maybe she was testing out a look for Halloween or something or perhaps it was a theme with her team... there were Gym Leaders that had some unique outfit choices out there after all.

"I like the costume. Very stylish." Ivrant simply complimented. His Rosellia Dynamo seemed to be inspecting it curiously as well. The last two folks he met were nice enough. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad?

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power