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Dallas Yukira: The Kitchen and Dorm Room.

He turned the nob on the stove to medium heat and poured a small amount of oil in the pan. As the pan heated up, he cracked three eggs into a bowl and added garlic, salt, pepper and a small amount of milk. He quickly whisked it together without making a mess. As he finished, he heard his Vulpix.

"Good work Blazey." He complimented his pokemon, adding the eggs to the skillet. He turned back around to get the cheese, ham, onions and pre-cooked bacon ready and quickly chopped all of it up into small pieces.

Blazey sat on the counter, watching the skillet. Blazey could tell when the temperature was just right and when something was ready to be tended to thanks to it being a fire type. So it could sense temperature differences.

Dallas had taken over one of the stoves so that he could cook part of his own breakfast. He had been up before the sun had risen, aiding in the cooking of morning breakfast and just watching the cooks in general. Dallas wanted to be a world renowned chef and become a better cook than his father. While he cooked, he wore a long sleeved, black shirt, an apron around his waste and a headband on his head.

"Hmm, what if I add some of this..." Dallas muttered to himself, adding a small amount of soy sauce to the mix of cheese, onions, bacon and ham and then mixed it together. Before he knew it, Blazey sounded again.

Dallas turned toward the stone, mix in hand, quickly adding it across the cooking eggs. He tried his best to make it even all the way across. He sprinkled more garlic over the mix on the eggs. He then waited another few seconds and quickly turned one side of the egg over the mixture, creating an omelet. He applied a small amount of pressure on the edges to seal the omelet with the melting cheese. He waited again and then flipped the entire egg over, barely taking part of the skillet off the heat so that he could get the spatula under the egg without tearing it. Another few seconds passed and it was ready to come out. He picked up the skillet and used his spatula to put his omelet on a plate. It was almost the perfect color.

"That looks amazing! I should take a picture of it!" He smiled.

His Vulpix jumped for joy and then his xtransceiver rang. It had always preferred it over the holocaster, but his father had bought a special one that was a C-Gear, Xtransceiver and a Holocaster all in one. It contained mostly everything needed for a trainer, except a camera. He picked up his C-Gear on a counter away from the cooking so it didn't get messed up from cooking.

"Yo." The face of his father showed up, waving once into the camera.

"Oh dad. I just made an amazing omelet! I think it is better than your's!" Dallas exclaimed with a big smile.

"Really? Let's have a look then!" He father smiled.

Dallas turned the C-Gear to the omelet. His father started to laugh as he saw it. And Dallas' smile turned to annoyance and he sighed.

"I wouldn't serve that! You still have some work before you beat mine!" His dad laughed.

"Seriously? Come on look at it!" Dallas exclaimed.

"I am! And I am seeing mistakes."

"Like what?"

"Well first of all, the filling isn't even across the eggs. So the egg has ripped at the top, allowing the scent to escape. When you make an omelet, you want the smell to overwhelm the consumer when they cut into it. Also, one side is lighter than the other. It looks like you had the skillet off the heat on the lighter side, so it didn't cook evenly. You did well sealing it with cheese though, but a little more wouldn't of hurt. Next time, put some cheese on the bottom before the rest of the mixture. It will help seal it better. It could have been fluffed a little more as well, but that isn't a huge deal." His father explained.

Dallas sighed, "Ok. I'll try that next time."

"Who is it for?" His father asked.

"Me. I came in the kitchen and helped cook some of the breakfast for the students of Suicune. Now I am cooking my own." Dallas answered.

"Oh come on! I figured you'd be cooking for a girl by now! Especially if you have my charms!" His dad laughed.

Dallas put his C-Gear around his wrist and looked down at the screen, "I just got here a few days ago... I was one of the first new students here. In fact, I haven't met any new students yet."

"Well I am sure this first day will be full of encounters. You should have a package or two sent to your dorm today. I figured I would get you some things on my travels." His father said.

"Sweet! Are they Vinyl Figures!?" Dallas' excitement rose.

"Possibly! I will just say I am in Sinnoh right now! I hear that Cynthia's figure is worth a fortune!" He smiled.

"Awesome Dad! Thanks!" Dallas exclaimed.

"No problem son! Anyway, call your Mom soon. She is probably asleep right now, so wait a bit. Tell her you are doing ok. I need to go, I am about the get bombarded by orders." His father said.

"Ok. Bye Dad!"

"Seeya son!"

The C-Gear clicked off.

Vulpix looked disappointed now.

"Don't worry Vulpix. We will beat my dad and his Arcanine one day." Dallas said, petting his Vulpix on the head.

He looked down at the omelet and studied it, able to see the slit that his Dad told him about. He sighed and took his food. He also grabbed some other food, but he didn't get much. He knew that he was going to try new flavors of Macaroons tonight and he needed to gather berries. He had already made some jerky for the trip to the forest in case he got hungry.

He also brought out his Alolan Vulpix, Freezy and feed her and Blazey together. After they finished eating, he returned them to their Poke Balls to rest up.

Dallas had finished eating before most students had arrived and he was heading back to his room to prepare for the day.

His room was recently emptied. It was said that the last person in it was the daughter of movie stars and dragon trainers from Unova, but he didn't know her. His room was the second floor, third door on the right.

He did realize that there was a lot of care in the room. There was even a note on the bookshelf.

"If you are going to use a computer or have books. Take care of them! I will know if you don't! I will hit you with my own books if you mistreat books!"

There was no name, but he could understand why. He was a bit of the same way with his cooking ware and vinyl figure collections. All around his Dorm Room, there were Vinly Figures of famous pokemon trainers like Wulfric, Alder, Brock, Misty, and countless others. They all had little bodies and big heads, except Wulfric, his had a big body and little head. He loved vinyl figures and he couldn't wait to open up more. He hadn't completed any set of famous trainers so far.

Famous Pokemon Trainers were not all he had though, there was also super heroes and super villains inspired by pokemon. They were called Underwatch. Some of the most well known heroes were Riolu Boy and Brycen-Man. There was a hero or villain for every pokemon known and they continued to add more. However, he was more interested in the Famous Trainers. Although the Famous Trainers couldn't even compare to the 'Food Battles!' vinyl figures which were cooks and chefs that had pokemon battles while cooking. They also had cooking battles where they just cooked, or pokemon battles. The most interesting was the Food Battles. The chefs and cooks had to battle over ingredients and still had to watch their own cooking at the same time.

There was a number of books and movies scattered around the room as well as a TV and Laptop on the desk and stand. Along with all of that, there were a number of notebooks filled with recipes and experimental recipes.

"Ok... So I need to catch a water type pokemon... How about I just check some stuff on the internet and the guide book before I leave to look around." Dallas said, taking a sit at his desk and typing in things on the internet.