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    :pokeball: Introduction
    Have you ever wanted to play Pokémon Emerald...with Kanto Pokémon? With no trading between FireRed or LeafGreen? Well, this is my hack! Pokémon Emerald: Kanto Edition!

    :pokeball: Details
    The current version goes up to Champion Wallace. Yes. Also, Artisan Cave is now the Unknown Dungeon (yes, THAT Unknown Dungeon from RBGY) and you can catch Mewtwo there.
    Wailmer and Relicanth can still be caught for the Birds.
    Altering Cave is now modified to include ways to get to the unaccessiable areas. Using cheats to access anything is now
    Report any cases of Hoenn Pokémon being avaiable (except for the starters and Skarmory)!

    Download v1.0 now! Also, show me a nuzlocke video of this or a regular playthrough soon! Not inspired by the romhack Haydunn played a year ago.

    :pokeball: Bugs/Errors
    Mauville's houses still have Rustboro music Fixed.
    Verandturf's houses still have Verandturf music Verdanturf music kept until decided.
    Bag on bag selection screen messed up on BERRIES, TMs, and POKéBALLS.

    :pokeball: Media


    :pokeball: Downloads - Emerald v1.0 (Final major update, any others will be just bugfixes and minor additions)

    :pokeball: Credits and Thanks
    Lu-ho: For Advance Map.
    HackMew: For Advance Trainer.
    interdpth: For PET.
    Game Freak: For...Pokémon.
    HackMew - For XSE.
    silver314 - For YAPE.
    Tools used:

    Advance Map
    VBA (testing)

    Currently in development. Version 1.0 is now released, goes up to the E4 and Champion. Also, feel free to do nuzlockes and stuff now.
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