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    Originally Posted by buley View Post
    This is sad :(
    Do you have a list with the changes you did in the game text (0/7/4) and the wild pokmon (2/1/0) in the online version, and on the code.bin in the legit version? I can redo this changes manually in the 1.5 files if you want to, since this 3 are the problematic ones.
    The wild Pokemon file should be ok as is, IIRC the one in the update is identical to the one in the base game, so no need to edit that one. Might be worth double checking if you've got a clean garc available though. Game text changes should just be move descriptions for Cut, Strength and Drill Peck (maybe Draining Kiss too if I remembered to update that). The code.bin includes the updated TM list and mart changes. Good luck, and thanks for trying this!
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