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    Originally Posted by buley View Post
    Hello again! I've took some time, but there it is!
    The online version of Eternal X was not working. You forgot to rename 0004000000055"E"00 to 0004000000055"D"00 in the Eternal X folder
    When I tried to edit the TMs (elemental punches and such) the game crashed, so I've edited one without this changes.
    Replace the eternal x online files with this ones in the 0004000000055D00 file and and tell me if it worked for you :)
    Ah, I probably forgot to edit some market item prices (2/2/0 file), sry
    Whoops, that's fixed now. The online version was kinda half-assed, so I'm not surprised that happened :laugh-squinted:. Your code.bin is working perfectly; I've added it to the online version download. Thanks for getting that working! It's a shame about the TMs, but probably for the best seeing as they won't work without edited Pokemon data anyway. I suppose I'll need to make one for Wilting Y at some point too. Was it just a simple pk3DS edit or did you have to use a hex editor?
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