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    Originally Posted by Random-Rambling View Post
    Okay, I think I've installed Eternal X correctly, and am going to be doing a "Wusslocke", a somewhat easier variation of a Nuzlocke invented by a friend of mine. It's basically just like a Nuzlocke, except your Pokemon don't die if you deem their death to be "unfair". That is, if it's not something you could reasonably see coming, like they get OHKO'd by an (un)lucky Critical Hit or a cheap shot like Self-Destruct/Explosion, their death doesn't "count".

    Of course, this variation involves a LOT of the "honor system", since it's ultimately up to you whether the death was "unfair" or not.


    As for the reason I made this post, I wanted to make sure: you say EX/WY will not work fully with the Pokemon X/Y updates, particularly Version 1.1. What about Versions 1.2-1.5 then? I assume I can not have those updates, and not just because they might break EX/WY, but also because they will themselves break without V 1.1.

    Thanks for making this hack!
    That's probably a good choice of Nuzlocke for this hack, there are a few cheap battles in there and that'll make them much less frustrating.

    Wherever I've written update 1.1 is a typo; I meant to say it doesn't work with update 1.5, or any of the older updates. Unfortunately whenever people have tried to get the hack working with the update, either the game freezes or some of the hack's features don't work. IIRC the 1.5 update spoof .cia included in the online version tricks the game into thinking it's updated, but doesn't include the bug fixes in the update (though I could be wrong about that, I didn't make that file myself and haven't tested it extensively).

    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    ............Goddamnit. You cheeky bastard.
    Can't believe no one caught that til now :laugh-squinted:
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