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    I smile at Jay, for his suggestion was brilliant. "Caroline," I say, "that's a tremendous name! I hope she likes it once she wakes up." I scribble the name on the pokeball and put it in my bag. "And just to let you know, I do label my pokeballs, cause I usually forget who's in what pokeball. Once, when I was doing a rental battle at an event in Newbark Town, I sent out the wrong pokemon by accident. It was embarassing, so from then on I've labeled my pokeballs." I announce, "After a long day of randomness and excitement, you wanna go down to the academy? Oh, and I forgot to ask, what dorm are you in? I'm in Raioku." I begin to walk on the path down the mountain.
    Perhaps so, but we've seen it happen with our very own eyes. The answer is out there, Luke - we just need to find it. -Professor Layton
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