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Valorie Ryder - Location
Valorie watched Mark as if searching for an answer for something. It only took her a moment to stop this as she came to an answer to his question though. "Alright, Sure..!" she said, only slightly eager. As if she'd ever turn down a battle! She reached into her satchel to search for a particular pokeball when human arms wrapped themselves around her thigh. A blush sprung to her cheeks immediately and she stopped what she was doing and glanced over her shoulder to find... a dwarf boy. It took her several long moments to go through the motions of figuring out this was not in fact an extremely affectionate stranger but Kiyoko, perhaps not understanding the implications of wrapping himself around the leg of a girl wearing a short skirt. Valorie honetly had to do a double take to remind herself that Kiyoko was a pokemon, and that this made things entirely different! She just sort of reached down topat Kiyoko's head in a somewhat affectionate manner.

By the time she had gotten over the initial shock of having a dwarf embrace her leg another shock had come to her attention--She was standing in front of herself, and the other her was mocking her! Valorie's expression just sort of went blank for a moment as she tried to figure out what in the blazes was going on here! It didn't take her long to figure out that this was Mistress.... Valorie's expression just sort of tensed, her cheeks bulging outwards slightly in an irritated manner as she gave a sort of semi-glare at Mistress, especially after being accused of loving Mark. What did she know anyway? Valorie balled her fists all tough-like and just sort of acted indignant towards the teasing, crossing her arms after Kilik put Mistress away as if to dare those around her to come tease her. I'll--! Um... I'll do something bad! I swear!

Valorie jammed her hand back into her satchel and yanked out a pokeball, thoroughly frustrated now. She was looking forward to this. She tossed the ball out and... Flygon emerged. The female dragon type pokemon seemed to stretch and yawn, turning her attention down at Valorie and flashing her fangs in a non-threatning manner. Valorie glanced up at the larger pokemon before turning her attention to Mark. "Ready when you are." she said, slightly impatient, but otherwise trying to ignore the part of her that just wanted to hide her face somewhere.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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