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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan
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    Nemo's gaze softened at the sentiment of Ty's words, though she couldn't help but smirk at the quivering Cyndaquil; they certainly didn't make people or Pokemon like back in Pyrite, that was for sure. With a nod to Cassie, the Absol's black snout sniffed the hand of the young man and gave a nod of approval in response. Cassie's approval was enough for Nemo to trust the boy, for now; the silent creature had never done her wrong before, and had a surprising amount of intelligence.

    "Alright, sorry. I've never heard of a Pokemon groomer before." She apologized with a similar nod of her head, and offered her hand to the older boy. "What do you actually do? Would I have to pay?" She asks again, mindful of the contents of her belt; she hadn't brought a lot of money with her to the island, and frivolities weren't something she was eager to spend it on. There was specifically a Pokemon she was looking out for that required an elemental stone, and those things were ridiculously expensive.
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