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    Alice Crenshaw
    Outside Entei Dorm

    Alice was startled when she heard a voice calling her. She turned to see someone she did NOT expect to see at all. Her cheeks turned slightly rosy as she recognised him. But before she could say anything, the boy placed his hand on her forehead and told her she had a fever, then asked her what she was doing outside when she was sick.

    "Um, I-I-I know...I-I got sick...but I'm f-feeling a little bit better!" she said nasally and giggled, her blush becoming more intense.

    Jello glared at that Roxas boy. If one paid attention, he could be heard growling in a low register. It seemed that Roxas, the boy that made the red-haired girl blush so hard, still had a lot of work to do before the purple Solosis could trust him.

    Charlie Fitzpatrick
    Oak Town Beach House

    "Ugggh, where am I? What happened?"

    Charlie found himself on his bed, feeling dizzy and about to vomit. He clutched his stomach as he tried to get up from bed. "Berta, come quick! I don't feel-" he said but was interrupted by an impulse which forced him to cover his mouth. The Mr. Mime arrived just as he was able to place his feet on the floor.

    "What is it, Charlie?" she asked.

    "I... I don't feel-Urrp..." he said, "Could you -urrp- please get me some-"

    Then the horribly disgusting but inevitable happened, and Berta took a step back. Charlie fell on his knees and opened his mouth, letting out a lot of- I'm not gonna keep going, for everybody's sake. What I /am/ gonna say, however, is what the Mr. Mime that served as his housekeeper said.

    "...I ain't cleanin' that up."

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