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You know, I've been wanting to comment on your gallery for a long time now but, for some reason, the images won't load. Now that they finally showed up, all I'm gonna say is - I'm in awe. Seriously, your pokemon drawings are amazing. Rarely have I seen an artist draw pokemon so nicely. I really like this one. Love it, actually.

But I think you can improve a bit as far as your non-pokemon drawings are concerned. I'm no expert, but my untrained eye can spot some problems with eyes like Cid did and see that there's something wrong with this character's waist (all the other parts of the drawing are really good. The only weird part is the waist, at least to me). The facial expressions of some characters look a little odd as well. Like in this, this and this piece. Most of the faces in the last piece are drawn really well except for the guy with the broadsword. His looks really odd, for some reason. XP

But yeah, really a big fan of your stuff. Your anime stuff is really nice, apart from the pokemon drawings. Keep it up! :]