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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
You know, I've been wanting to comment on your gallery for a long time now but, for some reason, the images won't load. Now that they finally showed up, all I'm gonna say is - I'm in awe. Seriously, your pokemon drawings are amazing. Rarely have I seen an artist draw pokemon so nicely. I really like this one. Love it, actually.

But I think you can improve a bit as far as your non-pokemon drawings are concerned. I'm no expert, but my untrained eye can spot some problems with eyes like Cid did and see that there's something wrong with this character's waist (all the other parts of the drawing are really good. The only weird part is the waist, at least to me). The facial expressions of some characters look a little odd as well. Like in this, this and this piece. Most of the faces in the last piece are drawn really well except for the guy with the broadsword. His looks really odd, for some reason. XP

But yeah, really a big fan of your stuff. Your anime stuff is really nice, apart from the pokemon drawings. Keep it up! :]
A bit of a long post~~~

If you ever have problems viewing my gallery and it doesn't correct itself, you can always go to my albums and view them there-- so long as those images load! xD

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like my Pokemon pieces! As I said before, I often don't think that my Pokemon drawing are my strongest, but they seems to at least be in demand! And thank you for the critique! I've received some excellent advice from a lot of you here and I'll be sure to keep them all in mind as I continue to work.

As for my Kratos piece, that guy is.. well, a little jacked up and I don't mean that figuratively. xD But allow me to give you a touch of background on this one. I did a three piece trifecta of video game characters combined with early artists as a project. For example, I did Ezio from Assassin's Creed with Raphael as a reference and Solid Snake with from Metal Gear Solid 4 with --undecided-- as a reference. Kratos became a combination of God of War III and Da Vinci, so the face is as close as I could get free hand to one of Da Vinci's anatomical studies of the face. (I'll post the stock photo long with the drawing to make it easier to notice) Since Kratos is already a very...... muscular character, I figured Da Vinci's work would be a great thing to reference from (that and I had just bought a great book on him!) So the face and the body are, granted, a little out of place. But it is deliberate because it's based more on muscular structures than the character itself, if that makes sense.

For everything else, I agree (especially with Luke's characters, while I like them they were a bit of a rush job because I really wanted to impress him!) and I thank you sincerely for your critique! I'm always looking to improve, so it really means a lot. I'm so glad I've been able to share my work with everyone here and I appreciate all of your support!

I'll be posting an update soon!

Hey everyone! I've posted a few new things so go check them out! c:

Things To See : Well, all of it if you haven't, silly xP
But really : Pokemon Battle #2; Random Pokemon Doodles; and an update on my original Fables Character.

Side Note : I've received personal messages from a lot of you here, and I have to say that it really means a lot to me. I never imagined I'd get the kind of support I've gotten from all of you in such a short amount of time. You've all been so good to me and I've barely done a thing! @[email protected] Thank you all!