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Yeah, I think it is totally alright for people to show they appreciate one's stuff through their posts. You probably hesitated a bit owing to the fact that the rules state that posts like the one you posted above come under the category of spam since they add nothing of value. But I think posting posts where you appreciate a user are okay. But yes, I would like it if you picked specific works of the user and commented as to WHY you like them. I know a person can like everything - as is the case with you. In that case, you can just post what are the characteristic features of her art that appeal to you so much. If you actually like her works, I'm sure you'll have no problem telling us why you like them.

Frankly speaking, as I see it, this post could be almost considered spam just because you did not state WHY you like her works so much. Liking stuff is fine, but answering WHY you do is important. I'll leave this post be for now. But I do hope you edit it out later and, in future, take care that you state why you like a specific work and elaborate a bit more. You don't have to be super detailed in your post - a simple "I like this work of yours because it looks great anatomically/has great colors/awesome pose etc" will do just fine!


As for you, Alex, I actually think your Pokémon art are your strongest pieces. They actually look, at times, as good as those done by the original cartoonists. Aaand I don't think I ever mentioned Kratos in my previous comment, or did I? Seriously, I found that piece to be alright and couldn't really find much to say on it. :p But still, glad to hear the story behind it. :3 Why don't you post the Ezio and Snake pieces here, though? I'm a diehard fan of both so I'd really love to see them! :D

Out of your updates, I love Larvitar piece the most. Really like the coloring on it. Actually think it looks fine as is. But can't wait to see how much more you improve it using your digital art expertise. :D As for battle #2, I like how all of them have dynamic poses which work really well for a battle piece. Nidoking, if I recall correctly, was a little more detailed as a pokemon. Was it not? But yeah, you've probably a way to go before you complete the piece so I think you'll do all the little details later. Looking forward to how it'll look after completion. <3;