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I don't take on many "important" resolutions because a turn of the calendar doesn't help quantify them, nor do I need it to inspire me. If anything, most of my resolutions that don't sound lame come at the beginning of school in September.

So the only "new year's" resolutions I've taken on are related quantifiable amounts. I want to read 15 books this year (I read 20 last year but won't have as much free time this year). And I also want to beat every video game I buy this year in an effort to hopefully buy less games and also get through more of my backlog instead of adding to it endlessly.

I also made a bit of a resolution to be on PC more and post more often but my year got off to a bit of a rocky start so that ended up on the back burner a little bit. Have already completely failed the "be on MSN more" resolution.
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