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    So PinkSapphire said there was an extra spot, and this RP interested me, so here is my SU

    Real Life Name: (Your real life name, middle name is optional.) Daniel Silverson
    In-game name: (Only 8 characters long without spaces and numbers.) Nideous
    Gender: (Male or Female) Male
    Age: (between 12 - 25) 23
    Country: (The country your character lives in.) USA
    Status: (Beater, player, PK'er.) Player

    Appearance: (Pictures are allowed.)

    He is a tall man, standing at a little over six feet tall, and has dark brown hair that falls in an untidy, curly mess to his shoulders. He is Caucasian, with slightly tanned skin from working in the sun for several months, and strong muscles, hinting at a life of manual labor. This background comes in handy when swinging a sword around. He has light bluish grey eyes that are alert and very aware, always watching his surroundings, though one can see worry and stress that lingered from before the game.Still, he has a friendly smile and is general at peace with everything around him. He has to look of someone who thinks rather than acts, and when he moves it is precise and fluid, even in things he has never done before.

    Personality: (atleast one paragraph long.)

    He is a very kind person, always putting the needs of others before his own. Probably what kept him from trying to escape this place until now. He is a calm, rational person, and very skilled strategist, able to make plans and perform them. He dislikes fighting, and won't attack anyone unless he has to, but he is quite adept at protecting himself. He is a very apt listener, and everyone he calms other people by talking and soothing them with words and music. He loves the game, and enjoys being here, but the pragmatist in him wants to find a way out and return home. He dislikes being caged after all.

    He is not without faults, however. Sometimes he overanalyzes things, so much so to the point where he forgets what he was doing. Also, his patience seems endless, which may not sound bad, but having endless patience makes him less likely to act fast when it is needed, rather, he prefers to take his time. In certain situations this is a very bad trait, especially if there is a time constraint. While he often thinks of things others would not, this has a tendency to make him seem a bit... off. He is also easily distracted by things that he notices, which can be good and bad as well. In all, he takes his time and acts with deliberate precision... But only when he is ready, and it is very hard to rush him in normal situations.

    History: (atleast two paragraph's long.)

    Daniel was born in a southern part of the USA, and it shows when you talk to him. He had a simple life, growing up working on a farm, making a little money, raising cows and the like. He grew up learning that if you can't do something right you do not do it at all. This lesson carried him through school, which is where he first met people near his age. He was introduced to an entirely different world, but his kind heart and way with words kept him from being picked on and kept his friends from getting themselves in trouble. He graduated in the middle of his class. He went on to college with a few grants, and his friends told him about a new game. Curious, he tried it, ending up being one of the lucky, or unlucky depending on how you ook at it, 10000.

    Inside the game, before he was locked into it, he spent most of his time just exploring, seeing the sights, and helping other new players. You might have run into him somewhere, but he never did anything to stand out. Quietly he built up some experience and money, and when the crisis happened, he made his first and only priority helping this stranded out in the wild to get to safe places, away from monsters and PKs, trying to find any kind of clue. With no luck, so he decided at that time to try and find a good, safe way to escape the game and try and get it turned off safely from the outside world.

    Skills: (See the skills list two sections below this one. You need atleast one weapon skill, combat skill and non-combat skill.)

    Weapon Skills
    • - One Handed Curved Swords
    Combat Skills
    • - Parry
    Passive Skills
    • -Listening
    Non-combat skills
    • -Musical instrument- Violin
    Sword arts: (Sword Arts are special attacks. You can only have two Sword Arts and you're allowed to make them yourself as long you describe the begin stance and the color your Weapon gets when the Sword Art is activated.)

    1. Provoking Parry Stance (Guard Stance)- Nideous shifts to a very defensive stance, using his sword to deflect attacks away from him, his blade moving swiftly between him and his enemy. To further protect himself, he attempts to provoke his opponents into focusing on him. While in his defensive stance it is very hard for him to attack, as his weight, and his mind is focused on keeping himself alive and trying to analyze his opponent. His sword turns a dark glowing green, showing his desire to protect his friends.

    2. Crippling strike Stance (Attack Stance)- Nideous shifts from a defensive guard stance, where his weight is mainly on his back leg, to a more offensive stance, where he presses forward with all his speed and dexterity, and delivers a swift strike to an enemies weak point, usually an attempt to cripple the enemy or stagger them. The sudden change from defense to offense often throws his opponents offguard enough for this, but it allows only one such crippling strike, as the surprise of his rapid change usually wears off. The strike is only performed once per enemy, and if their anatomy is too different, it may be reduced in it's effectiveness, assuming he hasn't noticed a weak point already. His sword turns a soft, blue, showing his deep thought and practiced eye as he tries to disable his foes.

    Note, He only performs the attack mentioned once when he shifts stances. For 1. he provokes only once, but shifting into this stance again makes him provoke again. for 2. he only does the crippling strike one time per foe. But these arts leave him in a different fighting style, such as focusing on guarding, or focusing on attacking. Hope this is ok!

    Level: (from 1 - 15) 12

    Code: (Prove that you've read the rules section.) Link Start
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