Malicious Mapper

Seen December 20th, 2011
Posted June 25th, 2011
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Nice hack! It seems I'm stuck though
I need to restore the power to the lift, but cannot figure out how to do it - am I missing something obvious?

Also, I have a question about the egg
When I got it to lvl 30 it evolved and went down to level 25. Also, is the Hyperegg meant to have only 1hp and the Shell Armor ability (I can understand it working with Wonder Guard, but in this way...) and does it have a further evolution?

Give it a water, thunder, or firestone. ;]

Anyway, great game, however, I ran into a problem.
I beat the monstrous Norman, then the text glitched and sent me back to my previous save. Made me sooooooooo sad. :[

Also, to get to Dewford, you need Surf.
Which is north of Rustborro, you loot the magikarp and beat the gym leader that's there.

However, Norman was an EPIC battle.