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Yes, Mysteryegg's evolution, Hyperegg, will indeed hatch when exposed to any elemental stone. For a list, see this spoiler:

Fire Stone - Entei; Water Stone - Suicune; Thunder Stone - Raikou; Leaf Stone - Celebi; Moon Stone - Unown. For the secret of Unown, open this spoiler:
It has been massively powered up, rendering it the most powerful Pokémon in the game by several hundred base stat points.

I beat the monstrous Norman, then the text glitched and sent me back to my previous save. Made me sooooooooo sad. :[
Thanks for telling me about that. Right now, I have a desperate need for sleep, but rest assured that I will be fixing Norman first thing tomorrow.

Also, is the Hyperegg meant to have only 1hp

Hyperegg does not have only 1 HP. I will fix this first thing tomorrow. Even before Norman.

Paras, Baltoy, Koffing and their respective evolutions have all had their stats modified to make them more or less equal - though, of course, picking Paras makes the game significantly harder, because it's a Paras. For easiest results, play using Baltoy.

Thanks to everyone who's reported a bug or glitch; I'll be fixing them tomorrow morning and I'll have a new IPS patch up at some point with everything fixed (hopefully). If you find any more, please don't hesitate to tell me!

For those of you stuck on the submarine's little puzzles:

To restore power to the lift, bring a Pokémon that knows ThunderShock. To get the key to the warp, bring a Pokémon that knows Transform.

I think that's all for now... Thank you for your continued support. :)