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    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    I like how even when Andrea starts to get her act together... she still can't do anything right. (like escaping) It shows the writers have had her stay true to her character! Also, I'm thinking that next episode there will some interesting scenes between Andrea and the Governor, more likely than not very reminiscent of the scenes between the Governor and Michonne in the comics. D: That's my personal theory at least.
    Ugh... I'm already cringing just thinking about it! I'm surprised at how far the show has pushed the limit when it comes to violence, but the sexual violence and torture have been quite graphic.

    Andrea just doesn't seem to think things through as far as she needs to. She's obviously attracted to power, but just doesn't know when to call it quits. This would all have been so much easier if she'd just killed Phillip when she had the chance! Martinez would have taken over and that wouldn't have been good, but he's nowhere near as strategically devious or intelligent as Phillip. Taking him out and replacing him with Milton would be a piece of cake for Andrea, especially if she had the presence of mind to keep Michonne with her.

    I sincerely hope Rick and company get their act together and snatch Tyreese up while they can. He can easily become the most valuable member of the group if he's given the chance, but Rick's crazy just won't let it happen yet.

    Regardless of the outcome, I'm very excited to sit down with nice grilled-cheese sandwich and watch the next episode with Alexial!

    The spoiler below is NOT going to ruin anything for anyone unless you've already read the one in Alexial's post.

    Blood, the spoiler in Alexial's post likely says exactly what you think it does. Pick up the past 4 or 5 issues from Comixology or something!!! You won't believe how much has happened in TWD since Thanksgiving and the next few months are undoubtedly going to change the future of the series more than any story arc has before. Rick is actually likely to die!!!
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