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I've had a load of time to play recently due to rubbish internet (by 'recently' I mean the last couple weeks, I've been far too busy over the past few days) and I've gotten a lot further. I'm basically right near the end now - about to climb Hyrule Castle to fight the evil gammon dwarf boar thing and save my darling princess. The 3 hearts aspect has been a huge pain in the butt and its lead to multiple deaths but I'm getting better at fighting as a result and I'm starting to die a lot less with every time I play. I'm not expecting to beat the final fight with any ease based on the damage he can deal and the damage that I can't take whilst I'm awful at dodging his attacks, but let's just see if I can siege through Hyrule Castle first. The toughest section so far as been then snowy mansion with the ball & chain boss, but I managed to take it out eventually. Milk and soup are turning out to be a great cheap way to heal haha. It's too late to give up now; CHARGE!