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    Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #3
    Rolling through at a rapid rate :P
    ~ ~

    -Took underground path to Route 6

    -Picked up

    - learnt whirlwind at Lvl20

    -Arrived at Vermilion City

    -Went to Route 11 to fight trainers

    -Picked up

    -Boarded S.S.Anne

    -Got called an "insolent pup" :'(

    -Picked up BRICK BREAK

    -Used on elevating her to lvl24 and taught her DOUBLE SLAP

    -Used on evolving her into :D!!

    -Picked up REST

    -Used on evolving her into :D!!

    -Picked up

    -Defeated , stupidly easy battle. Maybe I should have a 4th pokemon so my 3 won't be so OP...(can't wait for )

    -Withdrew from PC, using as HM Slave and taught him CUT

    -Defeated ...easily. Obtained SHOCK WAVE

    -Taught SHOCK WAVE
    Badges: 3/8

    The Team:

    "Hayden" Lvl26
    Male, Keen Eye, Naive
    Gust, Sand Attack, Whirlwind, Quick Attack
    "Emily" Lvl 26
    Female, Cute Charm, Lax
    Shock Wave, Mega Kick, Encore, Water Pulse
    "Kaitlin" Lvl26
    Female, Cute Charm, Naughty
    Double Slap, Mega Punch, Sing, Dig
    HM Slave
    HM Slave

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    Never mind, it's back now.