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    Originally Posted by Chaos Dirge
    I like gold and silver remakes. Liquid Crstal and Shiny gold. Heart gold seems like it will be ok but... I wish someone would complete these hacks. I really don't think any remake could be as good as fan remakes.

    So if you plan to do this please stick through till the end.
    Thanks :) I hope I can pull through.

    Originally Posted by .com
    Haha, I don't mean I want your ROM. It's just odd the patching wouldn't work then, because I have a ROM up to par with what you describe yours is... It's definately not because I didn't patch correctly, it's just not working, I guess. I'll try other ROMs around and see if that helps.
    Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro
    ]I had the same problem, but I downloaded another copy of the ROM, which worked fine.
    Yeah, try with other ROMs, things will eventually work out.

    Originally Posted by ~Areku-San
    Sorry, but from my point of view it seems a waste of time to copy an idea and made by Nintendo, it is assumed that the ROM hackers should demonstrate to Nintendo that the fans can do much more than their in-class job scheduling may but in terms of creativity do not have much to say.

    The possibilities that can be done in the ROM Hacking are many as to copy an idea that others did, that's my opinion honestly do not know anyone says about uu

    Could Basarte in the Anime or Manga perhaps ideas that nobody has the look.

    But anyway, it's your project ... Good luck!
    According to my point of view - no time's waste at all and as you said it was made by Nintendo but not for the Advance Generation, and it could be counted as creativity when you turn a game like Ruby into something else. This is my honest opinion - there are all sorts of creativity ^^

    Anyway that's your say and I appreciate it pal, good luck with your project as well :)
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