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    Man, I've really been feeling like playing this quite a bit lately! So... update #2 brings me a bit past the fifth gym. The tl;dr details to follow:
    • With three badges, I get to bring in my fifth pokémon, Murkrow! Again, not great for the next gym. Oh, and the only female! For some reason, I always happen to get a team of five males and one female... >_<
    • We officially meet Colress and battle him at Route 4 after he disperses the wall of crustle. I don't really remember this battle.
    • Explored the rest of Route 4 and checked out the Desert Resort before taking over Join Avenue.
    • Reached Nimbasa and did the double battle against the Subway Bosses with Rosa. "I am Emmet." Took in the city and did some training at the sports stadiums.
    • Also cleared out Routes 5 and 16, as well as the Lostlorn Forest.
    • Nimbasa Gym time! Elesa... oh man, Elesa. Toughest gym yet! Emolga's Volt Switch immediately knocked out Murkrow (whoops, my bad). I brought out Treecko against her Flaaffy; here begins a long battle of paralysis and stuff. Eventually, she Volt Switched out (undoing my Screech... ¬_¬) for Zebstrika. I healed Treecko as it took a Quick Attack. Then a Flame Charge finished him off. What a waste of healing! I think I realized here that half my team is weak to electric, while the other half is weak to fire. Not good! I brought Lucario out, who is hax with Scope Lens. A critical Force Palm (powered with Work Up, I think) did great damage, but unfortunately not enough. She healed Zebstrika, of course. I believe I got another critical Force Palm, but with paralysis added to the mix. That helped Lucario hog all the experience from Zebstrika. Hey, that's one pokémon of hers down! :D
      Flaaffy was next, and Lucario managed to make Elesa use her last healing item with a paralyzing Force Palm! But... I was stupid and didn't heal Lucario, so he fainted. D: I brought out Dewott, who was immediately knocked out. That leaves me with only Shellder left. Not a good situation! I had to use a Revive, but on who? After a few seconds of deliberation, I decided to revive Treecko. He may not have been great so far, but he really surprised me in this gym. So with that turn used on the Revive, Shellder was knocked out. I think at this point, Emolga is in battle, thanks to Volt Switch. With a few Rock Tombs and some luck, Treecko is able to knock out Emolga, leaving her with just a damaged Flaaffy. Overgrow was crucial here, as it powered up Mega Drain, as well as the healing. In the end, we finally won with like 3 HP left! Wow, what a nerve-wracking battle; that Bolt Badge was well-earned. ^-^

    • We run into some Plasma grunts near the Route 5 exit and dispose of them.
    • On Route 5, we beat the heartbreaker, Charles in a rotation battle.
    • Crossing the Driftveil Drawbridge lands us in Driftveil proper, so we explore the city and get a bunch of items and stuff. I'm about to challenge Charles once again, when I suddenly remembered...
    • The last member of our party! I forgot to take Spinarak out of the box after winning the last badge, so I do that now. This time, we take on Charles in a triple battle, gaining Spinarak a bunch of levels.
    • While exploring Route 6, Spinarak evolved into Ariados! Just one more evolution before the party of favorites is officially complete.
    • I also went ahead and got as far as I could in Chargestone Cave before returning to challenge Rood and the Driftveil Gym.
    • The Driftveil Gym, ehhh... Clay was kind of a weird battle; it didn't go as badly as Elesa's, but it was still a toughie. I think I started with either Murkrow or Shellder against his Krokorok. Either way, I'm pretty sure Shellder beat Krokorok with a five-hit Icicle Spear and an Ice Shard. Sandslash was next, and this part's pretty hazy. I know there was a point where I switched someone out for Dewott, who took a defense-lowering Crush Claw for that. Then, surprise! Sandslash is faster and knocks out Dewott with Bulldoze before I got to do anything. Haha, I was so sad! D: I brought out Lucario to do some damage to Sandslash, then immediately switched to Murkrow, expecting a Bulldoze. Ah, the feeling of predicting it right! :D Crush Claw still did a number on Murkrow, so I switched back to Lucario to finish off Sandslash. Hmm... I feel like Shellder also fainted somewhere in there, and there was probably some healing on Clay's part. And finally, Excadrill. Lucario managed to paralyze it with Force Palm, and I think it was immediately a full paralysis. I switched out to Ariados, expecting a ground attack or something. Then I remembered, Bulldoze would do extra damage if I used Dig, so I just switched out for Murkrow. Did some damage with Night Shade, and I think she evaded a Rock Slide. I switched again for Lucario, who doubly resists Rock Slide, and get a good hit in with Force Palm. Lucario falls to Bulldoze, but Murkrow returns to finish off Excadrill for the Quake Badge! ^-^

    • Hugh and I followed Clay south to the PWT.
    • Before taking part in it, I decide to explore the other side of Relic Passage. Dig is really handy here! We stumbled upon the ruins of the Relic Castle and encounter Volcarona. It surprised me a bit by how amazingly powerful it was! Gust took out Shellder, who has at around half health, before I could get in a Supersonic. Then I do what sounds like a stupid move and bring in Treecko against it! Leech Life did like 40% damage, but Treecko retaliated with Rock Tomb! Maybe not such a stupid move after all! ...It's still in the green. At least the reduced speed allows Treecko to get in another Rock Tomb. But, a blast of Fire Spin and Treecko is defeated (even with Eviolite). It actually looks like Volcarona might've been able to survive another Rock Tomb too! :O Anyways, Dewott comes in, reaps the benefits of the Rock Tombs, and finishes it off with Razor Shell. :)
    • I enter the PWT with Ariados, Lucario, and Dewott. It was really easy. Maybe I should've entered with some of the others for added challenge. Oh well.
    • Outside, what is Team Plasma up to? This update ends as we face the Plasma Frigate. Until next time! :)

    The team so far (after PWT):

    CharacteristicAlert to soundsHighly curiousLikes to thrash aboutQuick to fleeVery finickyImpetuous and silly
    AbilityTorrentInner FocusOvergrowShell ArmorInsomniaSwarm
    ItemMystic WaterScope LensEvioliteQuick ClawBrightPowderLeftovers
    MovesRazor ShellForce PalmMega DrainIcicle SpearWing AttackShadow Sneak
    Water PulseReturnRock TombReturnNight ShadeDig
    ReturnBone RushScreechRazor ShellSnarlSucker Punch
    RevengeWork UpReturnSupersonicHazePoison Sting

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)