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    Well then, after a huge delay, I've returned with an update. Last time, we left off right after getting our eighth badge. Update #4 brings us right outside the gate of the Pokémon League. Let's see if I can remember what happened.
    • Like Ariados did twice before, Treecko defeated a musketeer (Terrakion) by himself. Pride!
    • Colress directs us to the location of the Plasma Frigate, so we go. I don't remember it being too difficult, thanks to the healing bed in one of the rooms.
    • Alongside Hugh, we take on Zinzolin and his grunt. Serperior managed to OHKO Liepard, but Cryogonal did the same to Treecko. Dewott came out to replace him and started with Swords Dance as Serperior continued his Leaf Blade onslaught. I think after two Swords Dances, Dewott started Aqua Jetting everything, and then the battle ended.
    • The Shadow Triad kicked us out, and we trailed the frigate to Chasm Cave. After dealing with a few grunts, we re-boarded the ship and fought our way to Zinzolin yet again. This time, I believe I had Lucario out in the front, so OHKOs to his entire party.
    • Colress was quite a difficult battle! I don't quite remember what happened, but I believe his Magneton started off with Volt Switch. I'm pretty sure Lucario and Ariados were vital in this battle. But in the end, the team was in pretty bad condition.
    • The Shadow Triad wasn't too difficult, especially after coming out of the battle with Colress. With them defeated, we tracked Ghetsis down in the depths of the crater. Black Kyurem was a beast! It felled three or four of the party, though there were some crits involved.
    • Ghetsis was even tougher than Colress. It was a complicated battle, and my memory's not so great. I remember Eelektross and Toxicroak causing huge problems, though. Everyone had a role, but in the end, only Dewott survived, so quite a narrow victory that was.

    • Anyways, with Ghetsis in shambles, we can finally make our way to Victory Road! I'd forgotten how much I love the Route 23 music. ^-^ It was a tough route, but we managed to make it to the Badge Check Gates, where N gives us the HM for Waterfall. To my dismay, Cloyster couldn't learn it, so I opted to teach it to Dewott while transferring Surf to Cloyster. I also found out that this team can learn all the HMs + Flash, with one of these moves per pokémon! Thanks for that selection, WeightyWillBill! :D
    • With a lot of help from the doctor in Victory Road, we managed to explore the entire place and make it through to the top of the cliff. I've gotta say, Treecko was especially helpful against the infestation of Boldore plaguing the caves, thanks to Giga Drain! Much like Shaymin in my last run of this challenge.
    • At the end, Hugh challenged us to a final battle. His Unfezant used Swagger on Lucario after powering up with Work Up, but he never hit himself! With this increased power, Lucario went on to sweep his team with Close Combat. Thanks, Hugh! :D
    • Now that we've made it to the League, I decided to play around with Move Tutor moves, since I had the shards (though I had to go searching for one more Yellow Shard). Also, we did a bit of training and Rare Candy-chomping. I found that the breeder on Route 22 (I think his name was Addison) is extremely useful for grinding. Next time, watch out, Elite Four!

    The team so far (ready? for the League!):

    CharacteristicAlert to soundsHighly curiousLikes to thrash aboutQuick to fleeVery finickyImpetuous and silly
    AbilityTorrentInner FocusOvergrowShell ArmorInsomniaSwarm
    ItemMystic WaterScope LensEvioliteShell BellBrightPowderLeftovers
    MovesSurfIron TailGiga DrainIcicle SpearFlyPoison Jab
    Ice BeamClose CombatRock TombRazor ShellHeat WaveX-Scissor
    Aqua JetShadow ClawThunderPunchReturnFoul PlaySucker Punch
    Swords DanceHone ClawsScreechSupersonicTailwindDig

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)