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    Originally Posted by DaSpirit
    I simply think people got bored. I remember when I first joined Pokecommunity in 2007, there would be a new fan game added on the board every week. Now, this isn't really the case. The Showcase section barely changes meanwhile the Beginner's Showcase is boring in that most of the ideas never work and never become big. Personally, I think we need more tools to help aid in game development. This is why the ROM Hacking section on Pokecommunity is still much bigger than the game development one.
    I agree with this completely. My desirable vision of a "community" is one where improvement is the norm and people encourage and help others to get better and people actually want to aspire to improve and revamp their games. When I first found and joined this forum as AceDragonite I was literally mesmerized by all the fantastic games that existed [Tanzanite, Malachite, Scarlet, I can go on] and the comrardery that existed between developers, helping each other while also aspiring to be the best. Unfortunately, I just don't see that any more, it seems like people are making games just for the sake of making a game instead of trying to make something worthwhile out of their ideas and love for the franchise. Last year, the board was literally dominated by Phoenix Rising and Garnet and it seemed like an unspoken rule that there was no rivalry, which showed in the replies and thread views and while those games certainly deserve recognition and praise for the amount of work that's been done to improve them [just compare 2010 Garnet or Forever Lost screens with the current], that's just ridiculous. I feel like stuff like that needs to change and there needs to be more encouragement for improvement so that there's a lot of "good games" on here rather than just a few, like offering kind but legitimate critiques of games that could use a lot of improvement. People should strive for excellence, not mediocrity and the users should transmute the culture of this board to reflect that.
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