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Generally the rules are the same as Pokemon Anime.Here are the general rules as followed.

1. When making a topic use the tags [Discussion], [Debate], [Bio].

[Discussion]- Refers to actually discussing something such as general character discussion like do you want to see Ash win a League? Or "Do you want to see Misty return?" Just general questions on characters.

[Debate] - Is something more complex, like for instance instead of do you want you form the question as do you think or do you think he can win the league. Or with the other example you will say "Will Misty return why or why not state your point of view on this and give definitive reasons as to why.

[Bio] - Characters Bios deal with the actual information cataloging of characters. There may be times when the lines between Discussion and Debate are blurred or close but it should be too much of a problem and if it is we can always change them to be more sensible
between the two.

2. You can prove instances of things i.e. Youtube videos to back your points, but no linking to streaming sites. If you want to watch the Anime go to the Official Website, buy the DVD/VHS of them, or search online yourself.

3. In certain instances spoiler tags may be necessary such as information that has yet to be released globally. Generally though spoiler tags don't need to used.If the subject is something speculative that isn't known to all the topic creator should state that within the topic there MAY CONTAIN POSSIBLE SPOILERS as to warn the user before venturing in too far.

  • With discussions this are primarily opinionated and solely focus on characters as the forum title states.

  • Although similar to Discussion Debates are held in a more formal kind of manner. Within debates this will deal with more factual info that is solid, as of course the topics will be debating of instances that happened or are going to happen, or that we may want to happen. And some times we need the info to back us up in our debates so info is vital.

  • These as the description in the rules stated contains Character Biographies. These topics can be created by anyone. Although not a rule I would like to spread the wealth and let plenty of people have a topic to deal with. But they is not always workable since some people have a harder time maintaining the info, which leads be to my next point. If you cannot maintain the info within your topic pending it is an on going one then you may not be the topic creator as the info needs updated. I don't see that as too much of an issue since I want these Bios to be team efforts so everyone can chip in on Bios. Now what is contained within these Bios? The main points of it consist of the character info which are the main points on the characters journey or details of appearances they made and what they did when they were there. Then info on the pokemon they used, which I would prefer battle information for more of the main characters and rivals. And hopefully we can have the pages consist of pictures of the actual character to make it look more presentable.

  • If you don't like Shipping then simply don't participate it in. So please refrain from bashing it just cause you aren't into it.
  • Don't get into fights with other Shippers just because they don't support the same Shipping you do. Not everyone is going to like the same thing so just respect what they like and move on.
  • Keep on topic with the Shipping thread you are posting in. This is not a Daily Chit Chat topic so don't treat it as if it is one.
  • Anyone can create a thread, so if you do create one make sure you create with the name of the shipping and the characters that are apart of this shipping.

The rules are open to amending when needed so if you see anything that should be noted or created please contact myself.

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