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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
Classical music is the best, most complex music that mankind will ever play. Not one genre can match up with classical music. Of course, preference is one thing, but complexity is another. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to play and understand classical. I love listening to it, and I love trying to play it on my guitar xD
Coming from another metalhead \m/

Hm, classical music... I'd like to say I'm a fan, but I honestly have never gotten around to listening to it. I mean, I always have all of my personally preferred bands playing on my iPod, that I don't have the time to listen to any classical. I do appreciate its existence and would love to begin listening to it.

But, as a serious guitarist (and a big fan of Randy Rhoads!) I can say that I really value classical music. It's extremely worth praising: the fact that a single person composed an entire masterpiece, for each and every instrument, and made it flow beautifully... it's awesome. I do study classical music (as well as play the French horn), so I tend to incorporate similar riffs and arpeggios and whatnot into my guitar playing, but I wouldn't be spot-on to the feel as I'm not an avid listener.

Eventually I'll get to it... xD;
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