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Originally Posted by nasonx
Can you post more pics of Figid Cavern? I like the graphics of it.. It gives me the CHILLS' :D:D
That's what I was aiming for :D

I don't want to show off too much, so I'm afraid you'll have to be in the dark for now. But I can tell you that I have finished the mapping and scripting of Frigid Cavern and I am now up to the third city :3

Originally Posted by Banjora Marxville
The tiles certainly are your strong point, as are your maps. If the scripting matches how good the graphics are, then this hack will be brilliant! I love the ice cave, but something is annoying me about that snow patch... Just seems too bright, but that isn't something worth worrying about, as I just need to get used to it. I wish you all the best.

EDIT: I'm an idiot. It isn't too bright. Probably just me. Seemed like it because of the dark floor, and then suddenly bright white snow.
Thanks very much Banjora. And no, its not just you - I though that it was too bright as well when I looked over it later, so you can be assured that it is now slightly darker and doesn't contrast as much with the blue floor :D
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