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You know, I could easily fit in some Wi-Fi tournaments for Community Day. It could be a good way to introduce the TC regulars to us. Would you folks be interested? If so, what metagames do you all generally play? There could be three tournament themes: VGC '13 (or '12), standard play (OU), and the Christmas-themed monocolor (more info in the CommDay's thread).

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I like this. Generally those playing in two or more battles struggle to win so maybe make it to win rather than just to complete, so that they can have that option too if they're willing?
Make it so that they need to win battles instead of completing them because they struggle to win? I'm not sure if I understand... How about, a user receives 5 points for completing a battle, and 10 for winning one? Then again, this is starting to look like the GT tournaments, so I might have to put some more thought into this.

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Up until (to my recollection) a few no-do-gooders (no longer here) from shoddy started joining the wifi stuff and then railing against the restrictions that were set in place long before they came along. As far as I'm concerned, that's part of what knocked BC into near-inactivity.
I certainly remember this. Basically, BeachBoy started a league called Motisma due to the lack of leagues with proper battle rules (without silly rules like "no Stealth Rock" and "no Scizor"), and the Strategies & Movesets regulars took it a bit too seriously and borderline flamed the other leagues. They were attempting to replace the Battle Stadium regulars, which worked, but Stadium went inactive once all of its original regulars left. As a result, Stadium suffered the same inactivity that S&M had.