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Originally Posted by pastel View Post
It's really because of the whole "everything is the same as SM!!!" aspect that people either refuse to buy the games or have just gotten bored with them. An important point that is missing is that Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum are all rather well-liked games that haven't really had this kind of negative reception of being too same-y than the originals.

But again, I blame this reception on people having unrealistic expectations and being massively let down on what the games could've been.
Originally Posted by Hands View Post
I think it's more that SM weren't that stellar to begin with and the ultras did little to fix them
I'm with you two here. Crystal, Emerald and Platinum had enough new features to warrant them being able to stand out from their predecessors in their own right, while US/UM didn't fix much from S/M aside from Totem battles, addition of Mantine Surf, Move Tutors being included, regional Dex expansion, and story changes only happening near the end.

While I admit US/UM's Totems are harder than S/M and require more strategy than ever, the fact it didn't do enough to correct the many flaws with S/M is why a lot of people detest these games or got disappointed with them due to setting expectations too high.
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