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    Wow, looks like I've also got some replying to do :D

    I'll get to it later though (probably in a couple of hours) and edit this post when I'm done but what I'd like to know though:

    "I also saw the Night Shade Guarados and some other which I don't remember right now!"

    Any idea where a Gyarados like this would have been? I've tried to be exact with the moves that opponent-pokemon know but I've to admit, there are likely bugs like this still in game. About that Aipom, I've made it to know some special attacks for fun: Toxic, Extremespeed, Double Team + one I don't remember (if I even remembered these three correctly).

    The TM learning data has stayed the same which practically means that you won't be able to teach your Aipom those moves in it couldn't learn them in original Silver.
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