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    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post

    Found it!


    And....that's where I give up on the 4th page!

    I searched high and low!

    Please tell me where it is!XD
    Have you found the key to that locked house in Western Lake? A man in "secret" part of Area 109 is holding it. Fight him to get the key and go to open that building. There are two "hidden" (they're normal scripts and so cannot be found with Itemfinder though) items inside (in obvious places you may not look though), and one of them is a Page.

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    But but but......breeding is what gave us the power to make even stronger Pokemon with even greater combinations!

    Without breeding, we wouldn't have Crunch Arcanine or Cross Chop Golduck and so many others!

    Not to mention it helps us to fill the Pokedex("Duh!Who cares about the Pokedex now??" I know!) plus we can multiply rare Pokemon like Eevee!

    What's wrong with that?
    Actually, I've to say that I've never really used Daycare in original G/S/C, believe it or not... I should really check how its mechanism works first and then build one in my own hack. I guess I'll add one for Beta 4 somewhere.
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