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I feel as if asking the question "what was your first anime" generally doesn't prompt the answer that the question's trying to get to the heart of. For a lot of people, their first anime was Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, or these days, Naruto, Attack on Titan, SAO, etc. And that's all well and fine, this isn't to say anything of those shows; However, most people who did watch those first generally didn't watch them because they were anime. Animation does have the effect of being particularly appealing to a younger audience, regardless of its homeland (hell, just look at how popular Code Lyoko was).

In my case, my first anime could've been plenty of things. Dragon Ball Z'd been airing on Toonami for most of my life, while I can still recall watching the first episode of Pokemon when it originally aired. But these things, for me, weren't anime, they were basically just the same cartoons that I'd already been watching- but different. If we were to talk about the anime that I truly consider my first anime to have been Orphen.

See, Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, was a game I had on the Playstation 2. It was one of those games that we bought just because it sounded cool and that was around the time where I wasn't exactly the most discriminating buyer. I was pretty young, after all. So fast forward a few years and we end up getting Comcast cable, with this wonderful little service called On Demand. See, On Demand was this function that allowed you to watch shows that weren't on air and instead were watched, dare I say, on demand. Crazy, right? Well on this service we found this little thing called the Anime Network, which I consider to be the birthplace of my interest in the medium and the shaper of most of my current interests, probably a lot more. So when I talk to people around my age who say their first anime was something like, say, Mirai Nikki, it prompts an inadvertent raised eyebrow because in my case I had things like Sorcerer Hunter and Those Who Hunt Elves.

But the rest was pretty much history from there. So, back to the topic, what was it that got you into anime? Be it event, a particular anime, or just happenstance, what made you the fan you are today?
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