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I love all of the starters no matter what their designs are to be honest! Its quite hard choosing. As sappy as it sounds, I'll love any starter I use, no matter how ridiculous they look. They're your friend, the Pokemon you'll rely on to get your other team members, the Pokemon that's gonna change everything, the one that'll actually help you start your journey. Without it you'd just be an ordinary kid staying at home. Its an amazing Pokemon and all of the starters in my opinion, are really something. But for the purpose of this thread, its a tie between Johto and Hoenn!

My favourite starter would honestly have to be Cyndaquil. I've always found it really cute and while Infernape has brought me really good memories (being my first starter), I've always loved using it. I remember almost soloing the Johto games with it, its just so overpowered and unbelievably strong. Plus it evolves into a badass hedgehog-like thing with fire on its back! A really nice starter. And then there's Chikorita / Totodile. I honestly really liked all of them, they just stood out to me in particular. I've used every single one of them through a game completely and they all played huge roles in my team.

As for Hoenn, there designs are just so dcf;diogioriofg[! While I kinda disliked Sceptile, they were all still fun to use and I'd have no problem just soloing with them. Blaziken was a powerhouse to be honest. I just love them, they're one of my favourites to use!
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