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    Well I was able to get the trainer to sortof work...

    when u go upto and talk to him, the battle starts normally, but if he spots u even walking into the line of sight it freezes up b4 he walks to u...

    and after the fight if i try to talk w/ him it goes red/maroon screen...

    here's the script in the spoiler


    #org $Trainer1
    trainerbattle 0 1 $MadChall $MadDefeat
    $MadChall 1 = Wast: Your going down!
    $MadDefeat 1 = Wast: Next time, I'll win!
    message $MadTalk
    $MadTalk 1 = I thought I was strong enough.\pI Guess I was wrong.
    boxset 6

    I'm so happy i got it to sortof work

    ps. I was using pokescript for this because that seemed to work better for me, incase it looks weird.