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    How do you make a sprite not appear by default, so that you can use the "showsprite" script to make it appear when you need it to?

    Background info:
    I have a script set up so that a person appears as if they came to your room from up the stairs (first room of the game), with a whole dialogue set up afterwards. Everything works fine except for the fact that I need the person hidden so that the illusion that they are entering the room is made. Instead, with all that I have tried, they aren't hidden and they appear to just stand there in the doorway and defeat the whole purpose of the scene.

    I have tried making them hidden with the movements setting in, but to no avail. Basically I want something similar to what happened with Oak upon the first step into Route 1 in RBY (He appears out of thin air offscreen and goes along with the script). Problem is, they won't stay hidden until the script starts.

    Help would be very much appreciated.