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Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
Actually, if you'll look back, you openly admit to simply building a strawman and posting it as fact. If you're going to speak on religion, like a true Atheist, you would, at the very least, research and understand the thing you are attempting to oppose, in order to form valid, well-constructed arguments.

I'm seeing none of that here, and I'm seeing a disturbing amount of questions that go along the lines of, "When did you realize you were better than the institution?"

I came here for intelligent discussion and rational debate about life, science, and such things. The majority of what I'm reading falls more along the lines of an average "Rebel" thread on the internet, with everyone patting themselves on the back telling themselves how cool they are.
lol ok, well I'm going to leave that well enough alone and end it here, because criticism of myself and/or the club is only reductive to the discussion. My only advice to you is that you are more than welcome to introduce topics for conversation - if you have a debate in mind in which you would like to participate, please do not hesitate to do exactly that.

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
If someone says they believe in something, and then they voluntarily confirm their beliefs, should they not be held to their word?

Yes, they should, though that is somewhat removed from my point. My point has little to do with whether the confirmation is voluntary or involuntary at the time it is undertaken. I am fully aware that people choose to confirm their beliefs. My concern is that the official concept of Confirmation (notice the big C) within the Church is used as a psychological barrier against departing the Church later on should a person find their "confirmed" belief wavering.

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
My Church, as you call it, is run by humans. Humans are flawed, and beautifully so.
Right, and it's the motives of the beautifully flawed humans who run the church that I question. Their motives - short of an admission from the Church itself which I doubt would ever happen - can only ever be a matter of opinion and thus will forever remain in dispute, but my experiences with the Church have taught me not to be so fast to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
May I recommend Aquinas and, once again, Lewis?
You can try, but I doubt I will ever read Lewis simply because I have zero interest in Narnia lol
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