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I don't know if I ever posted here... but I'll share my views anyways.

I'm Christian, but I'm just visiting this thread to see what Atheists really think of religion in general. It's somewhat fascinating that majority of Atheists actually treat religion like it's their worst enemy and such a hindrance to their lives, even though they claim otherwise. Not trying to stir up controversy or anything, but so far it's the view that I found in majority of atheists. I'm sure there is more to it than that, though.

Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
Crap, I seemed to have started the Confirmation discussion and missed all of it, if I could explain myself?

The reason I hate the idea of Confirmation is two things. 1. I had no choice. 2. It can't be undone.

My parents forced my Confirmation. Hell I only went to like three of the damn classes. My parents said no Confirmation then you can't go to that school anymore. Now even though it was a Catholic school it was a rather liberal one, and all my best friends were there and it was the best school in the state. Once I was Confirmed the only way to have it removed would be to get Excommunicated. As in medievil times EXCOMMUNICATED. Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of the RCC nowadays? Trust me, I've tried.

Also I've noticed that no one mentioned that Confirmation is a ritual, not just saying 'yep I believe'. There's fancy prayers and holy oil and bishops and stuff. You even get a new name! (You pick a saint's name)
I don't see how being "confirmed" is bothering you. If you don't hold the same ideas as those of Christians, and if you're an actual Atheist and truly don't believe in confirmation, isn't it easy to just forget about it?