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    Well, caught my first pokemon, a Remoraid. That is the only thing I changed. I won't give levels to Munch, who fought, since I plan to evolve him in a trainer battle and don't want him closer to evolving than he already is.

    Also, JackBlaze, I saw in your last post your character is going to the beach. My character is currently at a beach, so if you want Jack Jacobs to run into Atlus, just post sometime after me. I will find it.

    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Flan
    Personality: Atlus's reacent edition, she is still wary of him. She however, is very playfull with his other pokemon, and doesn't really miss her origional owner. She is very quick, and will listen to what Atlus says. Almost scentless. Atlus hopes she will evolve to a Leafeon, though Flan doesn't really care at the moment.
    Moves: Detect, Wish, Tail whip, tackle, sand attack, growl

    Species: Swinub
    Nickname: Snort
    Personality: Probally the most similar to Atlus in terms of personality, he also tends to just "follow his nose". He is the most powerful and bulky of Atlus's trio, and fiercly protective. Smells like fresh dirt. He will most likly be out of the pokeball if he can.
    Moves: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Powder Snow, Bulldoze, Endure, Icicle Crash

    Species: Sewaddle
    Nickname: Munch
    Personality: Munch is always hungry, and will eat just about anything eatible. He is the oddball, with dark purple leaves instead of the normal green. He is fairly tough for a bug, and is not affected by weather because of his Overcoat(If that is OK). Smells of wet leaves. He crawls on Atlus when he isn't battling, looking for snacks Atlus leaves in his pockets.
    Moves: Tackle, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Energy ball, Grass Knot

    Species: Remoraid
    Nickname: Calamari
    Personality: Calamari is mischivious, though far less than the most friendly of ghost, limited to spraying water at someone to get them wet. He spent most of his life on a Mantine, until one fateful day, he swam off for the island for food, trapped their ever since cause of a preditory fish pokemon, Carvanha. He smells like old sushi. He will spend most of the time in the pokeball, since he can't walk currently.
    Moves: Acid Spray, Mud Shot, Water Gun, Psybeam, Aurora Beam,