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    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    Listen people. Criminals will go to great lengths to commit crimes. By "people," what the guy means is people who come and try to disarm him. He's not crazy; he really is defending our rights. I agree with him, though I won't necessarily take part: there will be war. And it's not even really defending our rights, per se, it's defending our right to defend ourselves. Take a look at places like Britain and Sweden. In those places, you can't have guns and you can have guns under license, respectively, but you are expressly banned from defending yourself. If a robber or murderer comes into your house to rob or murder you, you have to let them do it. Even if the cops hear about it, they don't do anything about it. That happened there because of people like you, and that is what America will with little doubt come to if gun control laws are passed.
    Kelario, I don't think many people are arguing to get rid of all guns ever (even with all of their problems. I probably will never own one, if only for the safety of my future children as many gun-related deaths of children are from accidents involving guns). Everyone agrees on using gun/weapon control, that's why you can't keep a grenade launcher of a barrel of agent orange in your garage. We're just arguing on the severity of gun control.

    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    States with lax gun laws, such as Kansas and Alaska, for example, have quite low murder rates, and at least in Alaska it's big news to hear about a homicide. Then you take places like NYC and DC, where guns are banned and extremely hard to get, respectively. Just LOOK at their murder rates! It's ridiculous!
    You also have to take into account the places themselves though. Alaska is much more rural than NYC. More people know each other and the overall population is lower. NYC is a huge city with tons of people, all moving in and out. Fewer people know each other and some don't even speak English. According to social disorder theory, this is where more crimes will take place anyway. Your evidence is likely a spurious relationship.

    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    Take a look at Britain and Sweden, for example. A buttload of types of guns are illegal there, and it's illegal to defend yourself. As I've said before, if a murderer or robber decides he wants to murder or rob you, you have to let him do it or you can face years in prison. The state of New York is actually considering this. Imagine being in the position of the guy being murdered or robbed, and being unable to defend yourself.
    I would like to see evidence of this, preferably not from sites like The Blaze or Infowars.

    As for assault rifles, of course they're useful in war, that's what they were made for, but no ordinary citizen needs one.

    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    Ironic isn't it? The 2nd amendment both requires and forbids regulation.
    I always like to point out that the second amendment was written at a time when everyone had to use muskets, which were very inaccurate and took a long time to load. If the founding fathers were round today they would probably look at our modern guns and say "yeah, we should probably do something about this."
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