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André Cabrillo – Nikolaiviertel, Berlin, Germany

Late Afternoon, October 23rd, 2012

I had never liked my sister's decision to reveal our true nature to the world. I had always liked to think that we were super heroes that did good deeds behind masks. That the people loved us without knowing who we really were. Like any comic book super hero, as soon as the public know what your face really looks like, your loved ones get hurt and the world gets nasty. I had told my sister how I felt about this, but because I wasn't part of 'the five', my voice went unheard. Plus, my biological brother would never listen to what I said. According to him, I was just 'a kid'.

I'd show him. I knew I was destined for such greater things. I could show him that I was something.

As I wandered the streets of Berlin, glancing at the map on my phone every thirty seconds, I could see the faces of my Atlantean brothers and sisters, the five faces of the Royal Family, plastered along the fences and brick walls. A few people had honoured the Atlantean race, creating amazing posters that described us as saviours and heroes and some had scorned us, treating us as if we had created a new plague that had infected and cursed those it had touched. I seemed to notice the awful ones more, depicting death and destruction. I was going to prove them wrong. Today, I was going to bring peace to the mortals and the Atlanteans.

I was going to be a hero.

I remembered, this was how my brothers and sisters saw themselves when the leadership was thrust onto them. I watched my brother hone his powers and use them for good. He wasn't just a hero to the world, he was my hero. And now, he had pulled off his mask and thrown his suit away. I was glad the world acknowledged us but I hated them for hating us. Honestly, we were far superior to mortals but they treated us like aliens. If only they knew all that we had done for them.

Everything had happened so fast. It had only been six days since we had been revealed. When the mortals had discovered the Atlantean Crystals in Egypt, I thought that for sure we would try and pull out the time we had for as long as possible. My brother had said the world was not ready for us, but despite this, River raised her Crystal and revealed us and now with the Oracle and her prophercy guiding our every step, we could never go back.

I had finally found this coffee shop I had been searching for; Nikolaiviertel it was called. It was cosy-ish and near the river and and such a cool place for a rendezvous point. I pushed my way through the small groups of people and sat down at table 5, just like I had been told. A few moments later, another man, sporting a hoodie which covered his entire face, joined me. I looked up to meet his eyes and realised why his hoodie was shadowing his face like it did; his Atlantean tattoo winded and weaved in spirals across his face. I smiled and placed my hands on the table, trying to appear social. I did wish he would take off his hoodie; it seemed awful suspicious, even to a child because of the recent events.

"André Cabrillo, I presume. It's a pleasure to meet you," he smirked.

"Are you Pietr Tillmann," I asked, politely shaking my head to the incoming waiter. He spoke as if he had known me before, though I had never seen his face before. I tried not to seem suspicious as it felt rude if I insulted the man even a little.

"I apologise for the choice of location, but this is my favourite café,” he accent was quite thick, but his English was clean and understandable. "I’m glad you came on such short notice."

"No, I don't mind at all. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to speak with you, Mr. Tillmann, after all you had explained," I looked away from his face for a second to quickly check the surroundings. As I thought, the hood that Tillmann was wearing had attracted some attention. A boy from a family of four was pointing at our table. Though if he took it off, it would probably worsen the situation. "I only wish that you can accept my offer. It would be of great benefit to the both of us and to the world."

A girl stood in the corner, staring intently at us. I recognised her almost immediately. I had seen her face in photos and my brother had told me about her a few times. This was not a good thing. It only meant that... was something bad going to happen? I looked back to Tillmann to find him smirking again.

"I’m going to have to say no, Mr. Cabrillo. Your plans are childish and naive and you can never hope for this kind of peace. You are a fool for not listening to your brothers and sisters," he stood up, knocking over his chair and whipping his hood off. Many people gasped and pointed, obviously having seen the media.

"B-but," Tillman wasted no time, grabbing me by the collar and before I could even try to pull him off, he picked me up and held me up for the cafe to see. There were screams and yells in German as Tillman reached into my shirt with his other arm, finding my necklace and snapping it off. My Crystal!! Without it, I couldn't even attempt to control my power. I felt my skin prickle and my hair standing on its end, though Tillman paid this no attention. His tattoo had started to glow red and I could feel his body emitting heat.

"This will surely send a message to your so-called family."

"Please!" I choked, grabbing at his hands as they grew hotter, my skin burning for so many reasons. But my transformation was not fast enough for such an experienced Atlantean. "Please don't do this!"

"This is the end. Goodbye."

And within seconds, the café erupted in flames and a large chunk of Berlin was reduced to rubble.



Oakley North – Her Father’s House, London, England

Noon, October 31st, 2012

"Oakley! It’s on the news again!"

"Yes, okay! Hang on," Oakley got up from her bed, dragging her arm behind her. She didn’t mean for the armour to travel up her arm so high. She had been ‘practising’ and by practising it meant she was sitting in her room, cross legged on her bed, trying to control her breathing. Two weeks of confinement and the ability of having a hand with fingers too big to type on a keyboard had taught her that her power relied on her heart beat. A slower heart beat meant the armour receded. A faster heartbeat meant it grew. And the faster it grew, the more it distorted the armour was and the more it hurt. She hadn’t learned much else, only which being a panicky teenager was not healthy for her. Unfortunately, that’s what she was. And it sucked.

She fell into her favourite chair, trying her best not to rip it with her right arm. Her father pointed at the television and turned the volume up as the new reporter gestured behind her.

"Evidence was found today that the cause of the Berlin Explosion was the work of Atlanteans. André Cabrillo, brother of Leo Cabrillo, member of the Atlantean Royal Family, was suspected to be the cause of the explosion as survivors claimed to have seen the 20 year old in the streets on Berlin that day as well as physical DNA evidence at the heart of the chaos. Other members of the Royal Family have made no comments towards his disappearance but together with the United Nations have rushed an international bill, calling all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Relief Centres in all capital cities. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment.

"More on this story soon..."

"It’s all very interesting, isn’t it?" Oakley’s father gave her a weak smile and a small laugh. She returned the smile, sinking into her chair. Her father had tried to help her feel better over the past two weeks about herself but he knew as well as she did that she wouldn’t be able to continue with anything she had planned. No more Oxford, like she had planned. No more future. Just an enormous metal arm. "Are you going to go?"

"I have to, don’t I?" She hated to think if she didn’t. What was the Atlantean version of the police like? Could they fire electricity from their fingers or maybe turn you into stone?

"I’ll come with you if you like."

"No, it’s okay. I’ll do it. I’ll… go," she looked around for her coat and her sling. "I’ll go right now."

"Are you sure that’s a good idea?" Her father frowned a little at her. No doubt he was recalling what had happened last night. Oakley had found her brother’s old things and started to cry. It took three hours to get the armour back down to normal.

"I’ll be okay."

* * *

"What's your power?"


"I said, what's your power?"

"I... Why?" Oakley frowned at the stranger behind her in line. He was older than she was, probably 23 or 24, though it confused her why he was curious. As soon as Oakley had grabbed her coat and rewrapped her arm back, she had left for the bus station. The closest one of these 'Atlantean Relief Centres' was the London one, which happened to be one of the most busiest places she had ever been to. People were everywhere, lining up in lines to prove their Atlantean existence. Some were lead to rooms, some were turned away. She turned back to the man, who gave out a cheesy grin.

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Mine is super bad ass," he gave her cast a sheepish look. Oakley frowned and shook her head. Despite what she told her father, she began to trust herself even less. She didn't want another accident.

"Whatever!" he laughed again. "Mine is so awesome! Just watch!" He held his breath and then exhaled as his face turned red. Then, he clapped his hands and smiled back at her. With no difference whatsoever. "See?"

"Nothing happened," Oakley stared at him, trying to find something different about him. Nope, nothing.

"Dude, I glow. You just can't see it at daytime!"


"Next!" Oakley spun around as it was her turn, blinking at herself. He glowed? What? She approached two guards, police officers maybe, who quickly jabbed her left arm with a needle. She gasped and as they pulled it out, a small bump appeared, which then was covered over with a growth of armour. With a nod, they let her through, hearing a "what, that metal stuff on her arm! That's your power?! Lame!" behind her from the guy. She was lead to a room with several desks, doctors behind them and asking questions to people at desks. Oakley was pushed to a desk, where a very tired looking lady looked over her glasses and spoke with the most monotonous voice.


"Oakley North."

"And what's your ability, Oakley?" The doctor leaned her head on her shoulder and her eyelids drooped. Was she bored? Tired? Both? Oakley inhaled then pulled off the cast, revealing the armour plates. The doctor immediately sat up, rubbed her eyes then began to jot notes. She asked questions and Oakley answered them as shortly as possible. When they were done, Oakley wrapped her arm back up, was handed a slip of paper and motioned to another door. This one was to a large waiting room, full of people. She pulled a face and carefully picked a spot on the ground. One with the least amount of dirt and people. She gave a sigh and sat down. She felt surprisingly at peace, with all her freakish brethren surrounding her, but uncomfortable enough to avoid anyone. Still, she was not up for unwrapping her arm for any kind of random person yet.

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