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Delta Mayor -
- Warsaw, Poland
The breeze brushed passed Delta; she wished that somehow she had been granted the ability to manipulate time. Despite her life never being ideal this isn’t what she expected to happen to her, to become a part of another race. She had yet to share this life altering news with anyone, well, that hadn’t meant that she hadn’t come close to it. Nathan, her grandma’s gardener, had found her passed out on the floor yet she still denied being this race. It was hard enough growing up African-American in Poland, and now she had another identity forced upon her, she wasn’t ready for it. Somehow, someway she’d find a way to separate her from this newly founded identity, but for now Delta embraced it like hug she had received from Nathan before she left for the capital, Warsaw, perhaps she’d find answers there. The explosion in Germany had made major news in Poland, after all that was her next-door neighbor, what if they targeted Poland next? Delta breathed in deeply in an attempt to calm herself from the stress that all this had caused her.

From the first moment the news had declared that she had to register herself on the freak list Delta had decided against it. She wasn’t willing to be subjected to this type of treatment and if she had to risk her own safety then that’s exactly what she was going to do. The sky she stared was marked beautifully with clouds, its light blue color highlighted by the sun’s rays. Her fingers wiggled in her dark gloves, the leather material felt right against her skin. If only those around her knew what lay beneath them, burned into her skin. Delta stood at the top of the steps, the breeze continued as she marched down while she shielded her eyes from the sun's reflection. She sauntered into the Warszawa’s airport, or as the non-Polish called the capital, Warsaw. With every step she took her more and more people turned to stare in her direction, this is what a typical day felt like.

Yet today Delta didn’t mind the stares because soon enough they would all know her face when she achieved her rather ambitious goal. Unfortunately it was still a little premature and she was a little too alone to go through with it. As soon as she stepped outside her leather jacket flapped in the wind, she was surprised that with the amount of tall buildings that the wind had even managed to reach her. Her eyes locked onto her target, Atlantean Relief Centre, she needed to know what the fuss was about even though she had already decided to not to register. Luckily her ability hadn’t been something that altered her physical appearance so perhaps she could play off being a human. Delta had already begun alienating herself from the human race and it had only been a week or two since the big reveal. Her impressive five-inch heels stopped clicking on the concrete paved roads as she reached the doors of the Centre and surprisingly they weren’t automatic, how retro. She clasped a single hand onto the keys that hung from her black lanyard before she swung open the door.

The inside had a hospital vibe to it, the tiles were checkered white and black and a secretary behind a glass window was straight ahead. There was an alternative route on her; it was a hallway that trailed off diagonally. If somehow Delta was able to avoid the lines that seemed never ending she might have a chance to see what was down there. A plan should’ve been made before she stepped into the building but that wasn’t Delta’s style, hers was a bit more reckless. Two, what she assumed, guards each stood in front of steel doors that were to the left and right of the secretary's space. She watched them as they ushered her people into the doors to brand them with a label that they’d never be able to wash away. These people were weak and she wanted nothing to do with them but she was still curious what was to happen to them once they went behind those doors. Delta slid through the lines toward the hallway but was stopped by a man in a tank top, board shorts, and flip-flops.

“Name’s Tomasz, but you can call me Tom,” He smiled brightly at Delta, but he reminded her of a friend who once ate the bugs in his food instead of throwing it away, both disgusting. “What’s your ability, pretty lady?”

“To rid guys of what they use to think,” Tom raised an eyebrow at her statement before he noticed the knife she held leveled at his genitalia and subsequently threw up his hands.

“I like my babes feisty!”

She felt his eyes still on her as she made her way into the hallway. Delta let herself into the nearest door that appeared on her right side after about forty steps. The lights switched themselves on; she scoffed as they had automatic lights but not automatic doors. A wooden desk was her first target as she searched through the contents and came up empty. Muffled voices were present outside the door, which caused Delta to swear before she concentrated on her arms to shift. The door flew open; a guard entered the room and reached for his walkie-talkie but paused.

“You have five seconds to tell me what you’re doing in this room,” He spoke rapidly in Polish, luckily during the thirteen years she lived here she learned the language. His tone was serious, she wasn’t getting out of this without a fight but first she needed a reasonable excuse.

“I was directed over here, am I not supposed to be here?” Delta swayed back and forth while she had her hands shoved in her pockets, she just hoped he bought her act.

“Alright, I’ll administer the first test, take off your jacket,” Before she stripped off her jacket she had managed to revert her previous transformation of her arms. The guard grabbed at a vile on his belt along with a syringe and proceeded to fill the syringe with the green liquid. The guard carefully placed the vile back into his belt then moved toward Delta and took her arm into his gloved hands before he placed the needle on her skin.

“I’m sorry, this isn’t happening!” The skin beneath the needle changed before she had finished her sentence into its crystallized form. Unfortunately the guard had already put too much pressure onto the other end, which caused the needle to break. “I’ll be leaving now!”

The one thing she couldn't do was let some guard chase her outside the building otherwise that would call attention to every single guard. Delta bought her two crystallizes arms together, pulled back and swung at the guard’s head. His helmet would protected him from any serious damage but that wouldn’t stop him from being knocked nearly unconscious. His hands had flown up and absorbed most of the blow but he still he staggered backwards. Delta forcefully grabbed his head with her hands and slammed it against the wall making the guard let out a painfully loud shout. She delivered the next blow just as swiftly as the first two; she kneed him in the gonads, which caused his downfall as he slumped to the floor. A sigh left her mouth as she walked toward the door; thankfully she stopped and looked back. The guard’s fingers were moving toward his walkie-talkie Delta rushed over and slammed her heel right into the middle of the communication device rendering it absolutely useless. She slid her jacket back on and walked out the door careful to not make any unnecessary noises before she took off down the hall from where she originally came.

The nervousness settled in further with each step she took, she hoped and prayed that her little interaction hadn’t gather any attention. When she got to the lobby she saw Tomasz next to a guard whispering something in his ear and as soon as he saw her his eyes lit up and he gestured toward her. A dozen curses left her mouth as Delta turned towards the door and bolted out and down the street; it was a bad day to wear heels. It seemed like her Tomasz didn’t like where she had placed her knife earlier, if she ever saw him again she make for certain that she finished the job. Delta looked over her shoulder to see three guards in pursuit of her and that probably wasn’t all of them.

"I'll kill you, Tom. Mark my words," Delta muttered under her breath.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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