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Delta Mayor -
- Warsaw, Poland
With another long lasting look over her leather jacket, with the breeze working against Delta it kept hitting her in the face every time she did, Delta saw a very large man who she hadn’t previously seen before. He was a bald man who donned casual clothes unlike the other guards; perhaps he was apart of some special forces the Centre had hired? Now, he trailed closely behind her, was he a guard? Her breath was becoming short; she only had the energy for one last burst of energy to escape these people. Swear words leaked out of Delta’s mouth, she had a tendency to do that often. A thought crossed Delta’s mind as she tried to keep up her pace, of course they had abilities just like her and this guy must have super speed or whatever the technical term was for it. With a last minute decision she decided to shift her running into high gear in an attempt to avoid whatever fate this man had for her. Her heels pounded the pavement beneath her feet but she could already tell that she wasn’t going to out run this man. Unfortunately due to circumstances that weren’t her fault, besides the heels, the man managed to wrap his large arms around Delta and slung her over his shoulder as if she weighed nothing.

"Does little girl need help?" The man had an accent that she was familiar with but it definitely wasn’t Polish, but why was he helping her when he was with the guards? "These guards are flies compared to Misha!"

“Holy hell, put me down!” Unknowingly all her words were spoken in Polish not realizing he had spoken to her in English. The older generation of Polish people didn’t speak English very well or refused to, so she generally just spoke Polish to anyone who wasn’t in her age group.

Delta didn’t like the feeling of being treated like a sack of potatoes, which is probably all this man ate back in his homeland. Though, that didn’t explain his enormous size or the fact that he was kidnapping her. Apparently his name was Misha, and he liked to refer to himself in the third person, a typical brute thing to do. In an effort to forcibly make him let her go she began to pound on his back with fist using the energy she hadn't spent before, which was very little. Delta wasn't unsure why she ran in the first place, only the weak run from their problems. This had been an act of cowardice and she knew she had to make up for it some way, if only she could reach her knives that were strapped on her hips... If she had fought, broke a few necks, she could’ve made it out alive and most importantly be free. Somehow the man dispatched all of the guards but seeing as her face was to the man’s coat she couldn’t tell how he did it. He must be an Atlantean, one with two abilities? As far as she knew they were only capable of having one.

"Are you comfortable, girl?" Misha kept asking question that she felt he didn't really want answers to, at least not the answers she was going to give.

“Oh, yes. I’m very comfortable on some stranger’s back who may or may not want to kill me,” Delta’s voice was laced with sarcasm and she even managed to speak in English this time. “Also, if you wouldn’t mind tell me, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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