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Kim Parnevik,
Stockholm, Sweden

Not surprisingly the girl whom Kim had embraced pushed herself away, before flying up into the air like it was nothing, face bright red. Wow, she can fly, I want her even more now. Kim thought as others in line began shouting and complaining, staring at both the flying girl and Kim, which she personally was ecstatic about. Apologising the girl landed again, people still commenting on her power use before two guards began moving towards them, with one going to each of the girls. Yuck, he’s not attractive in the least. She thought, judging the guards looks as he got closer, still unable to find anything attractive about the man, he was more fat than muscular, had a crocked nose, cauliflower ears, absolutely nothing about him was attractive to her. Such a disappointment.

The other guard had already made his way and grabbed Kim’s new found love, the flying girl, much to her annoyance and protest of the girl.
"Hey, stop that! I just accidentally flew a little - owch! - it's natural for us, it's just like sneezing for you - ow, let me go! Stupid human!!" The flying girl complained as the guard started strong arming her out of the queue. Slightly annoyed Kim started towards her, only to be stopped by the guard who was basically drooling over her scantily clad body.

“As much as I love people looking at me, I’d prefer if you didn’t drool publicly, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Kim said to the guard as gently as she possible could, though she still intended for it to cut the man deep. His reaction wasn’t what she expected though, instead of saying anything a cheesy smirk grew on his face before he lunged for her, his hands going directly for her breasts. With the clumsy elegance of a drunk ballerina Kim barely dodged the man’s attack, much to his frustration.

“Don’t resist girly, I’m just going to take you to a quiet room for some, punishment .” He said to her, the dirty thoughts he was having clearly portrayed on his face. The thought of him doing anything to her was too much for Kim, causing her to take a step back and cringe.

“Help me, Santa!” the flying girl called out, apparently struggling to get away. Thoughts rushed through Kim’s head before it struck her.
If I help her, she may fall in love with me and let me have some fun with her. YAY! But first I have to get rid of this creep.. OH! I think that should work! Smiling, she began to imagine herself looking like a creature out of a horror movie, the most scary thing she could possibly think of, a massive spider. Apparently though, he power didn’t work like she first thought as the man didn’t seem to react at all, nearly within grabbing distance once again as she took another step back. With all her concentration she pictured the biggest, and most disgustingly scary spider she could as the guard stuck his hand out to grab her breast.

“ARGH! MONSTER!!” The guard screamed falling backwards before trying to scurry away from Kim. Confused the crowd look at Kim, just seeing the girl dressed in a sexy santa suit standing there, sighing in relief that he didn’t touch her and a large guard on the ground whimpering like a scared puppy, there was even a wet trail following him as he hurriedly moved away from her.

The other guard, was confused as well, he let go of the flying girl before he began to cautiously approach Kim, who was apparently a bigger threat, for reasons unknown to him. ”That’s enough girly, you’re not getting away with doing that to my colleague.” He said as he reached for the baton at his side, clearly ready to attack her with it.

This is bad. I’m not totally sure what I did to that one, let alone how to do it again if I’m getting attacked by a baton. A worried Kim thought, stretching her arms out in front of her in a futile attempt to put more distance between herself and the guard. The cards were stacked against her now, there was only one thing she could think to do.

“It’s your turn now beautiful!” She shouted to the now free flying girl that she had just protected, though clumsily. A weak smile was on Kim’s face as the looked at the girl, the fear of getting beaten down and her beautiful features damaged beginning to sink in.
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