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James Hazen- Taxi Cab, Honolulu Hawaii
October 30th, 2012

"Indeed!" The fake taxi driver exclaimed, clasping his hands together enthusiastically. He then proceeded with what he referred to as introductions, although what it really was, was the man reiterating the fact that he knew exactly who James was, having had him under some sort of surveillance for some time (the extent of that time is up for question, and a question James would rather not have answered). So to James, the man who introduced himself as Henry was either showing off, or he was simply genuinely introducing himself out of civility, despite already knowing his name. Needless to say, James found the man odd, but also somewhat likable.

"I offer sanctuary to lost and found Atlanteans, no matter what your social status is. Mass murderer, arsonist, jay walker, it doesn't matter!" he said. James stared at the man intently, as if mulling over what he was saying. The way he described it, it sounded like he harbored criminals, and that he immediately put James into that category as well. Did he really give off the vibe right off the bat that he was a lawbreaker? Or maybe Henry was only mentioning the criminal part of it to make James feel like he could go with him without getting into trouble, especially after his incident in the convenience store. "You could start a new life, I suppose. Usually in exchange, I ask for ancestry but because I already have yours, we can sort out some other sort of payment." Again, more confirmation that he was being watched, quite intensively too, by the looks of it, information James really wished he didn't know. He figured sometimes the less he knew the better, but every little more he found out made him want to learn more, even if he knew he wouldn't like what he heard. As the car came to a stop at the airport, James could see the guards who seemed intent on stopping and frisking and searching every person that came through. James lowered his head some and pulled up his shirt over his tattoo, in the hopes that none of the men would look and notice.

"So, you may exit and see how you fare against those men with the guns and their large friends or you could come with me and I could show you how lightning really works."

James crossed his arms and sighed, looking back between the guards and the roof of the taxi. On the outside, it had appeared as though he was still mulling over the decision. On the inside, though, he had long made up his mind. This was exactly what James had wanted all along, ever since he found about his power, and even before that. This was the ticket out of here he had been waiting for.

"Alright, Henry. I'll go with you. But on one condition: Don't make me step foot in this f*cking city ever again."

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