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    Right, hopefully some of you will recognize this game! You might know me as Kyle-Dove from deviantArt.

    A few years back, I was working on an MMO (Massive multiplayer online) with a really talented programmer called Dodotrainer.
    Unfortunately he gradually stopped emailing me so I had to cancel the game. Before he disappeared, I asked him for the source code.

    I would like to continue this game so I am looking for programmers. I'm not sure what the coding language is but I think it's...

    Programming language: Flash Actionscript 3?

    Originally, I started work on this project because I was creating a region with a group of friends and I wanted a place to get together and play with the pokemon we designed. I wanted somewhere to hang out, play, compete and just log on and have adventures in.
    The visual style of the game is based on complete custom graphics created by me, and there are also no official pokemon or references to the pokemon franchise to avoid being sued.

    It's set in a fictional region called Atlas, due to the massive size it will eventually grow to. There are no linear routes but you can go north, south, west, east whichever way you want. Obviously some areas might contain really tough monsters so you'd want to avoid them til later.
    It works in your browser so there's no need to download anything. The idea was to gradually add monsters and map to it whilst the game is out, with no limited number of monsters instead we're celebrating variety.

    Monster Dex
    For a sample of the dex you can see the following location:

    As it's an mmo there's not much of a plot. At the beginning you will be introduced the monster academy, where your journey begins.
    After a couple of days tutorials from your teachers to introduce you to the game and how it works, you are sent out into the world to spread the good name of the Academy by the principal. You science teacher gives you a choice of a starter, your geography teacher your map, etc etc.

    Now you have a pokemon, you are free to explore and go into the wild and battle and train your pokemon. There will be a gym leader for each type (so 16 gym leaders in all) and an E4. Throughout your journeys you begin to hear rumours that the Academy is not as good as it pretends to be, but you don't know how true this is...

    Your purpose is this: To travel and explore the region and fill your pokedex with many different pokemon. To visit every gym and defeat each gym leader, and master all the types. To make friends, trade and battle your way to the top.

    Current features that were working but not at the moment cos it's not on a serve;r
    Online play and chat - you can see the other players
    PvP battles nearly bug-free
    PvP trading nearly bug-free (includes trading multiple items, and giving monsters/items in exchange for nothing)
    Can see list of players currently online.

    Current features working:
    Catch, battle, train, level up, evolve monsters.
    Type effectiveness.
    Nickname monsters.
    Status conditions (a bit buggy).
    Monsters have probability of dropping an item. (currently broken)
    Quest system (ie. NPC wants 100 feathers and gives you something in return)
    Monster box storage system fully works.
    Capture can miss with probability depending on the health.
    Can run away from battles.
    Day and night system implemented.
    Buying and selling items. (broken at the moment!!)
    Being able to move team order freely.
    Team is on screen at all times, health and status updated.
    NPC battles and talk.
    Scrolling maps.
    Animated interface and editing tools.

    Aspirational features:
    Customize your character with different outfits.
    Craft different items.
    You'd be able to find eggs in the wild in nests.

    Please bear in mind that these screenshots are like...3 years old! My tiles and sprites are MUCH improved since then! These screenshots are no indication of what the game would be like but I'm required to post some.

    Current graphics I would add:

    All code was done by DodoTrainer
    All sprites and graphics were done by me.
    The monsters have credits by their names.

    If you can help please let me know. It's my dream to get this game up and running properly! The way it worked before was wonderful and a lot of the main engine was actually complete - it's just missing the content. Even if I could get it up on the internet to be able to play with my friends like before I would really appreciate it. I'm desparate to at least update the maps and pokemon sprites!