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    Hey, for anyone watching this here is an update.

    Island Profiles:


    Fire Island

    The island of fire holds many strong willed people. They have a close alliance with the electric island, and the two of them hold no secrets against the other. The Fire islandis now passive in the war, but it was once a primary contributor and caused a lot of damage through its time. They were the third island that withdrew from the war, along side the Electric island, and this was because they had had a change ofh eart towards the war and why it happened in the first place. However, they were attacked many times once they left, and this lead to them joining the Electric island to focus on developing defences to protect their citizens.

    Electric Island

    The island hold manysmart people. They are in a close alliance with the fire island, which theyhold no secrets from. Passive in the war, the electric island mainly has itsfocus on developing defences to protect its citizens from the impact of war.The island withdrew from the war with the Fire island, as they had a change ofheart about the war. They were heavily attacked upon, as other islands saw thisas their chance, and this is was drove them to develop their defence systems,along with the Fire island.

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