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    Rayd12smitty, thanks for that.

    Anyway, here is the rest of the Island Profiles. (Sorry its long)


    Nomal Island

    Theisland of normal holds calm and laid back people. They have close allianceswith the flying and fighting islands, which protect them against attacks fromother islands. The island provides resources for the other two, mainlyequipment for weapons and defences. They are quite a powerful island on theirown, when prompted, and will attack if necessary for their island to survive.They caused masses of damage when the war was young and followed the grassislands' lead and withdrew from the war early on. Their vast numbers haveconcerned the other islands, as they believe that they will soon re-join thewar.

    Fighting Island

    The island offighting holds strong people, both in mind and strength. The are in a closealliance with the normal and flying islands. They are well balanced in the war,through attacks and defences, along with the flying island, their traits areheighten dramatically, combining the power of land with air, allowing forheightened airstrikes. The fighting island are also very wise and will seek outall options before making an advance. This has left them at the very top of thewar, wining the most attacks both that they have lead and been attacked on.Their priority of keeping the Normal island safe has affected them as well asthe Flying island, in the way that they have stopped leading attacks on otherislands and are now more concentrated on defence.

    Flying Island

    The island of flyingholds people of elegance and grace. They are in a close alliance with thenormal and fighting islands. Although they are of high standards, they help thefighting island to defend the normal island and also fight back at other islandsif need be. They are masters of survey, pin pointing enemy locations andlaunching powerful air attacks against enemy lines. They are one of very fewthat can attack both land and sea enemies. They are a hard enemy as they taketo the skies, attack in vast numbers and have an aerial view of the entirebattle field. Their location, the east side of the Fighting island, has giventhem the advantage when it comes to protecting their other ally, but adisadvantage when they are attacked from the southeast. They are able to flydirectly to the Fighting island, pick up troops and continue straight forNormal island. When attacked they must either wait for ships to arrive orsacrifice troops to pick up their ally in the opposite direction and thenreturn. Their numbers are not what they use to be and times are gettingdifficult for them and their allies.

    Rock Island

    The island of rockholds stubborn people, reluctant to reveal information. They have a closealliance with the ground island, who they share their information to. The twoislands are well into the war, being some of the main contributors; however,they mainly act on defence, although they can attack with great amounts offorce if need be. The rock island is more defence than offence, and thisreflects their attitudes toward others greatly. They rely on their partner tohelp them in strategic placement of troops and citizens to avoid damage andcasualties done to their land.

    Ground Island

    The island of groundhas calm people and seems completely opposite to that of their alliance, therock island, who they are close with. They are willing to share informationwith anyone it will concern, especially if it has something to do with thatisland. They contribute in the war, mainly defending themselves and the rockisland, as the two are considered power houses. They are strong in bothdefending and attacking power, however their main strength is their offenceover their defence. They can cause lots of damage in short amounts of time.They rely on their partner a lot during battle, as they have a greaterunderstanding of how to effectively defend the islands.

    Dark Island

    The island of darkholds people of secrets, and people who know all. They are in an alliance withthe psychic and ghost islands, which have similar traits to them. They as agroup are well involved in the war, their main trait being attacks. They are asneaky group and usually attack when least expected or on no warning. They areoffended easily, which in turn leads to attack and are disrespectful to thegameplay of war. Both of its cities are located near the water, and this hasenabled them to send out double the ships and troops than that of otherislands, however, they have no idea of how to protect themselves from attacksthat are too great for them to handle and often retreat when that happens.

    Psychic Island

    The island of psychichas people who know and see all. Some can read minds of people, which makesthem a very tough opponent. They are in an alliance with the dark and ghostisland, and well into the war. The psychic island is the more caring of thegroup. They tend to be more rule following than the other two, but do breakthem occasionally. They too are easily offended, resulting in a attack againstthose who offend them. They, like a few other islands, are very hard to fightbut they are balanced in their attacks and defences. The layout of their citesand towns, has allowed them to have a 360 degree view of their island and socan see any incoming enemy or friendly ship approaching them.

    Ghost Island

    The island of ghosthas protective, sneaky and silent people. They are in an alliance with the darkand psychic islands. The ghost island can be very daunting at times, and alsovery sneaky. They will find out any piece of information that they desire, throughany means necessary. They can also be nasty when needed, attacking with a greatamount of force. They are not as easily offended as the other two islands andare often seen lurking in the shadows. Their largest city is well protectedunlike its other residential areas. Most of its roads lead into caves wherethey are most experienced. They are very fast and can quickly evade anddisappear from enemies.

    Steel Island

    The island of steelholds strong willed people and people of power. They are in an alliance withthe dragon island, which are both major competitors in the war. They are strongin most areas of combat, but lack numbers due to their type. They have no preferredtarget, but tend to attack those who have attacked the innocent; however, theywill attack if they feel threatened, plotted against or if structural damage isdone to their islands. Having a strong alliance with the Dragon island has madethe two strong opponents. However, their numbers do effect this but it hasnever stopped them from achieving their goals. Only losing one battle, theSteel island have earned a reputation and now they are being targeted moreoften.

    Dragon Island

    The island of dragonholds strong willed people and people of power. They are in an alliance withthe steel island, both of which are major competitors in the war. They arestrong in most areas of combat, but also lack in numbers due to their type.They have no preferred target, but tend to attack those who have attacked theinnocent; however, they will attack if they feel threatened, plotted against orif structural damage is done to their islands. Being a strong opponent, theyhaven't actually being attacked all that much, but when they have, they'vealways won. They are constantly on guardand watching the war. They are considered a referee, along with their ally. Sowhen an attack has been unjustified or uncalled for, they join sides with thevictims for a short period of time, before heading back to their island.
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