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    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    looks good. nice digimon sprites. i really wanted to see a english digimon hack for a while. thanks for making 1 :D
    mapping... seems you havnt worked on it yet. cant wait to see how itll look.
    id be happy to test out the Digivolutions thou im finishing up finals in the next two weeks but since its not that much i could do a few now.

    great start. hope you keep it up.
    I'll be working on the maps some time in the next week or two. I'm just looking for a good tile set first, but I suppose I might as well just quit putting it off. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm expecting to release the digivolution alpha around the week of Christmas, which means I really need to edit attacks and stats so that the digivolutions aren't weaker than the previous form lol. Check back often though for screens and updates.

    I finished the Sora back sprite and posted two more screen shots, one showing Matt's sprite. I also added two other shots, one of Jyarimon's back sprite, and one of Gigimon's temporary backsprite. Just so everyone can see the difference between the placeholders and finals.
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